Rick Warren on Context of Worship (4 Things We’ll Do In Heaven)

This is the 4th post in my on-going series from Rick Warren’s teaching at our Worship Influencers’ Retreat. (See Rick Warren on Worship Leading for more details and explanation.)


Rick Warren on the context of worship:

Why are we here? Why did he put us here? Life is preparation for eternity. This is pre-school before college in the next life.

Four things we’ll do in heaven:
1. Worship. Learn to worship here so I’m not a dufas. “Expressing my love to God for who he is, what he’s done and going to do in my life.”

Worship is not music; it’s a lifestyle. Silence, praying, giving–everything is worship.

No such thing as Christian music; just christian lyrics–not tune. The tune says nothing about your theology, just your background. God likes all types of music, even though we don’t. To say good music was written 200 years ago in Europe is simply racist. God loves variety–just look at us!

No church can appeal to everybody. When we first started we went from Bach to rock (like a radio station with many styles would have no listeners). A year after I started the church I passed out a servey and asked what radio station do you listen to?

Figure out who you’re going to reach and design your music to reach them. We’ve changed our style 5 times over the years.

You’re on 50% as you think you are. We have to double our energy to get it out there.

Have worship leaders go out and interact with people before the service starts. That doesn’t just warm-up the congregation; it warms up me.

2. Fellowship (1&2 are the great commandment)
3. Grow–not gonna stay the same.
4. Serve God–not sit around.

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