30 Days of Praise Church Discovers Breakthrough of Unstoppable Worship!

Hey everyone, I have got to report to you what a pastor from Michigan just called me tonight to tell me! His church in Michigan just started their 30 Days of Praise campaign this morning. They had an amazing first service! They experienced a powerful breakthrough in their worship. This pastor’s exact words to me were, “I think that for several of my people this was their first time to ever really experience true worship during a worship service.”

Pastor Ed Emmerling is the pastor of Westside Baptist Church, a strong conservative Southern Baptist Church in Flushing, MI. As Ed shared it with me:

When we as leaders sat down to plan our 30 Days of Praise emphasis, we wanted to present worship as something we should always do, that worship is not about our circumstances or comforts. We prayed that our people would see that worship is about God who never changes.

So, for our first service, we decided to have a worship service with no worship leaders leading the service. Last week I explained it carefully to my deacons and church leaders; then I announced to our members that our worship service next week (today) would be “members-led.”

This morning I stood up at the beginning of the service and asked our people a simple question: What would it take to stop our worship? For the next five weeks we are going to concentrate on what it means to truly praise and worship God. During these five weeks someone will probably lose your job. Are you still going to worship Him? During these five weeks, someone may have an accident or get hurt. Are you still going to worship? Then I asked them this: What if you don’t have someone to lead you in worship today during this service? Will you still praise Him? Will you still sing even if noone else chooses to sing?

Then I simply sat down. We had no further plans. I wasn’t sure what would happen or how our people might respond.

What happened next was awesome. A middle-aged man began to sing, “He Touched Me.” Then a visitor sang, “Amazing Grace.” One after another began to stand and share simple, powerful testimonies. A seventy-five year old lady sang, “I Need Thee Every Hour.” For fifty minutes, our people listened and followed the Holy Spirit’s promptings to worship Him. I then preached a brief message on Unstoppable Worship and our praise team sang, “How Great Is Our God.”

Today our church understood like never before that worship is not about me. It is all about Him.

We sold all our 30 Days Personal Journals this morning, and we need to order more! I can’t wait to see what God does next week through 30 Days of Praise!

Your church can experience 30 Days of Praise too! Just go to www.30DaysofPraise.com and learn how to register!


  • Sam Stack

    Dwayne this is awesome. I pray that God will continue to use 30 days of Praise in such a remarkable way.

  • Dwayne Moore

    Thanks, Sam! I join you in that prayer! ~Dwayne

  • Kelly Brock

    We definitely know what an impact 30 days has had on our church. It still amazes me every week. We have never tried doing a service the way these people did though and it sounds like an awesome idea. We’re going to pray about it and see what happens. Even after going through
    30 days a year ago, sometimes people need a fresh reminder of what it’s all about.

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