4 New Dramatic Sketches to Enhance Your Services!

My pastor, Randy Norris, has been preaching a series he has entitled, “Why-fi.” I wrote a 3-minute dramatic sketch to support each of the messages. Because of the broad ideas they are presenting, these humorous but thought-provoking skits can be used to enhance any number of sermon topics and services.

These are simple to do and require very few props. The total number of cast needed for all four is eight people. However, only two of the cast members are in all four skits. The setting is a coffee shop. For props, we simply made a small counter and placed a 4×8 board behind it with the name of the coffee shop–The Connections Coffee Shop. Then we had two draped card tables with chairs.

Here are all four sketches. Please feel free to download and use these if they can help you. Simply adopt them to work for you. Blessings! ~Dwayne

Week 1: Why Live?

Week 2: Why Pray?

Week 3: Why Give?

Week 4: Why (need to) Die?

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