Pet Peaves about Worship Leaders

Kent Shaffer has highlighted a provocative list of things people hate to see worship leaders do. WARNING: This list is not for the easily offended or closed-minded or convinced-they’ve-got-it-all-figured-out people. I don’t necessarily agree with everything on the list. But I must admit I have been (still am) guilty of some of the “gripes” mentioned here.

I challenge us to read through these, carefully asking ourselves if we ever do these things in services. The point is not to change our ways just to please this one guy. The point is to evaluate why we do what we do. Are we willing to change something if it is unnecessary or if it might hinder our effectiveness to lead others?

Go to and read the list if you dare…



  • Kent Shaffer

    Hi Dwayne,

    Thanks for highlighting my post. For clarification, the list is not by me. It is actually a compilation of 185+ responses to Carlos Whittaker asking people about what worship leaders do that bothers them.

  • Dwayne Moore

    Oops! Thanks Kent for the clarification!

  • Keke

    Ultimately, a worship leader should not try to lead the congregation with their own might, power or strength or even understanding. But rather follow after the Holy Ghost, wherever God leads them, to be obedient and follow. Sometimes God will lead you to do things off your systematic agenda, and take you a different avenue. We shouldn’t be so caught up in doing songs robotically that we miss the concept of letting the Holy Ghost lead, no im not saying prolong a song hours, but if God is moving on that song, no need to end it because your 4 or 5 minutes is up. A worship leader needs to have a heart after God like David, He wasn’t perfect but he was a man after God’s own heart. I feel if we realize it’s not about us but about HIM, we will effectively break through the barriers and the condemnation and defeat that people walk into service with. Coming from a worship leader, I know what I’m saying, I’ve experienced the power and demonstration of God pouring out his spirit so tremendously during worship service where there wasn’t even preaching because God took over. “If we view the platform as a sacred and holy place, our worship would be seen as holy and pleasing unto God”. He doesn’t look for perfection or how great you percieve yourself to be, that’s pride. He looks for a humble servant, willing to be used as a vessel of Honor. He takes the lowly things of this earth to confound the wise. Worship leaders, develope a relationship with God a genuine one, and you will see a difference in how your able to follow God and allow him to lead through you.

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