Pray for AL Judges RE: Same-sex Marriage Licenses

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

By Dwayne Moore

This coming Monday, probate judges in Alabama will be forced to either stand for their Christian convictions or issue same-sex marriage licenses. They are in desperate need of our prayers and support.

99% of the time this blog features articles and resources that help Christians grow in their worship of God. However, today we are compelled to ask you to pray for our country and for the state of Alabama in particular. Part of worshiping God is representing Him properly to this world and praying for those in leadership.

Please read the letters below. The first letter is from my dear friend, Scott Dawson, with whom I traveled in full-time evangelism for 12 years. Like me, Scott is a native Alabamian who loves his state and his Lord and is gravely concerned over a federal court’s decision to require judges in Alabama to issue same-sex marriage licenses. The second letter is from a probate judge in Alabama, who is asking for prayer for strength to stand for his Christian convictions.


From Scott Dawson, author, evangelist and concerned citizen:

Unless the Lord intervenes, this next Monday the state of Alabama will start issuing licenses for same sex marriages. Remind you – one of only a few states that does not have a lottery, continually votes conservatively will now issue same sex marriage licenses. This issue is a direct attack towards Christians across our country, make no mistake about it. I could rant about the Scriptural stances that are against this issue like we have all read, preached or agreed upon already.

Instead, I am asking us to pray. Pray for our country. It is on the brink of destruction when we call evil good and good evil. In a discussion earlier today, I was reminded that those who only seek to protect values are now being attacked while those who were once looked on with disapproval are now applauded on a platform. America will cease to be great when we no longer do what is good. My heart is about as heavy as it has ever been about the moral fabric of our nation being ripped from its seams.

Pray for our leaders. As the courts have now decided that the government cannot determine how marriage is defined, we are opening Pandora’s box. If two men or women can marry, who is stop four men or three ladies? As some may say this is absurd, would we not have said same sex marriage was absurd just a few short years ago? If the government could define marriage, it was done 12 years ago when we supported, by an overwhelmingly majority, that it was between ONE man and ONE woman. That definition apparently cannot stand up within the court. Most leaders are now as flippant on their convictions as a plane trying to fly without rudders.

Pray for our judges. We always target those who are against us, but what about those who are battling with and for us? These probate judges will walk into their respective offices this next Monday with a decision that will impact the rest of their life. It is easy to sit in the stands and cheer at a football game. Unless your child is playing in the game. Then, EVERY decision brings personal attention. This has become personal to me. I am personally speaking with these men and women who NEVER signed up to be on the front page of the newspaper. In fact, many feel the Lord has called them to serve their community and now are wondering if this time has come to an end. If they quit or resign, who will replace them?

I end this prayer letter differently than those in the past. Instead of reporting on an event where people are saved, I am enclosing part of a short note I received from a judge weighing this decision. Personalize it. Let it soak in. Every one of us are making this decision by the way we live our lives. A) Please PRAY. B) Please be LIGHT. Let’s stop backing down to society and stay faithful to our Lord. C) Please be ACTIVE. Get involved personally. Be influencers to your children, your community, and your country!

The Supreme Court will make the final decision this summer – but the way you and I live everyday reveals what we truly believe. Personally, I have made the resolution for the revolution. I am reminded of the musical, Les Miserables, “Do you hear people sing…”


From an Alabama probate judge:

In the years of serving as probate judge I have never been as troubled as I now am. I, thank God, have been a believer and Christian much longer than I have served as a judge. I am ashamed that I haven’t done more to serve God and I pray for His forgiveness.

As a believer I have come to understand that our God is holy and His word is supreme. I believe the bible and have deeply held Christian convictions that I have tried to live up to and to teach to you. Now, not by choice, I find that my life long convictions are about to be trampled and cast aside in favor of an ungodly and worldly concept of marriage.

It seems that I am being asked to choose whether to cling to what I know to be God’s truth or to ignore my convictions. I am not able to resolve this conflict. Who’s law, who’s word, who’s edicts do I obey, God or man?

The issue of same sex marriage is not coming. It is here now. Come Monday morning I will be expected to become an active participant in what I know is wrong. I am expected to lay aside my personal spiritual beliefs. Seems to me that if I do this, I am casting aside my convictions. I am not sure that I am willing to do this.

This is my dilemma, stay true to my beliefs, or cast aside my beliefs. In my way of thinking I have a choice…please God or please man. Please pray that God will guide me. I NEED YOU TO PRAY.

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