Three Things We WILL DO in Our Worship Ministry

Stephen Moore

Valley View Church



The following resolve is part of our Worship Ministry Manual, which is FREE for you to download.


We Will’s


1. We will produce excellent, creative and effective services.

  • We will follow our checklists and systems across the board.
  • We will insist on consistency from everyone.
  • We will ask, seek and knock–looking to God for our every need.

2. We will produce effective worship leaders.

  • We will insist on all leaders doing Pure Praise and attending rehearsals and services.
  • We will constantly mentor others.
  • We will follow our funnel process with everyone.

3. We will help produce true worshipers within our congregation.

  • We will work with our discipleship pastor and lead pastor to think of better ways to teach our people.
  • We will never be content with Sunday worship only.
  • We will never quit praying for our people and loving them.


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