Teenagers Stand In Cold To Worship at Easter

Below is an excerpt from a newspaper article that just came out this morning. It is an encouraging and powerful story of how love for the risen Christ is still more important to some young people (and older people!) than their own personal comforts. Go here to read the entire article. BANGOR, Maine – The early arrival

Hidden Away Working on Final Edits!

Dear friends, Sorry I've not posted anything in the past few days. I've been hidden away in the hills of Tennessee going back through every week of the worship study. Group Publishing's senior editor has requested that we get our final edits to her by this weekend. (Group is releasing our worship study, Praise More Powerful, under the new

Praise Singer’s Young Son Has Cancer

One of my church's praise team members' son has just been diagonosed with a dangerous bone cancer in his leg. Tucker Beam is only 7 1/2 years old. He is already a cancer survivor from when he was 1 year old. However, the doctors have told his parents that this recurrence may be even more dangerous.

OK, so our website still has some bugs!

Yes it's true. Our website woes continue here at Next Level Worship! We appreciate those of you who have not given up on our site. Your patience is greatly appreciated! Thanks especially for the kind words and emails to let us know you are missing our articles and updates. We are reluctant to post new

Our Website Has Been Down…!

If you have logged on to our site anytime in December, you may have wondered why we haven't posted anything since November 29th. Our normal output is two - three articles per week! Well, that is because on November 30th some sort of trojan somehow attacked our site and disabled our ability to post any

I’ve lost my burden for the unsaved; Why am I still leading worship?

I had the privilege to visit the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC last week. It is a place filled with information and inspiration about Dr. Graham’s ministry over the past 60 years. As I went from room to room of this interactive and visual walk through godly history, the Holy Spirit spoke very strongly to me. He

Group to Publish Pure Praise Worship Study!

Finally, after two years of waiting, praying and diligently searching for a publisher, we have signed a contract with Group Publishing in Colorado! They plan to release Pure Praise (formerly titled Praise More Powerful) in the United States and in Canada in December of 2008. They also plan�to promote Pure Praise�in some of their other international markets,

Look! Our website has a fresh new design!

Hey everybody, we're excited to roll out our newly designed ministry website here at Next Level Worship! After some debate, we have decided to keep our blogging at the forefront of our online ministry. Thus, our home page - the first page people see - will continue to feature our most recent blog posts. Our online presence has

Family Devotional on Knowing God More

This is the third installment of family devotions we have posted. Each of these brief, but effective family devotions are taken from the 30 Days of Praise Devotional Journal. 30 Days of Praise is a church-wide emphasis on worship that includes daily devotions, small group Bible studies and messages on worship by your pastor. Go here to

2 Publishers Looking Seriously at Praise More Powerful

As many of you know, we have been trusting God for close to 2 years now to lead us to the publisher He wants for Praise More Powerful. Our literary agent, David Sanford, and his amazing staff have worked tirelessly to present our worship study to several different major publishers. While many of them have shown interest, no

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