Praise Singer’s Young Son Has Cancer

tucker.jpgOne of my church’s praise team members’ son has just been diagonosed with a dangerous bone cancer in his leg. Tucker Beam is only 7 1/2 years old. He is already a cancer survivor from when he was 1 year old. However, the doctors have told his parents that this recurrence may be even more dangerous.

Incredibly, Jason, Tucker’s dad, continues to sing every Sunday with our praise team. Jason told me on the phone the other day that since the diagnosis and the onset of this horrible storm in their lives, he wants to sing praise to God “more than ever.” I honestly don’t know if I would have that much faith and that much passion to praise after such news.

Please pray for Tucker Beam. You may even want to donate to that family. They are about to endure some 40 weeks of treatment. Thus, Tucker’s mom will not be able to continuing teaching. And Jason may have to miss some days at his landscaping job to stay with Tucker in the hospital.

To learn more about Tucker and how you and your church can help him and his family, go to Then look for “Visit a caring bridge website,” and type in tuckerbeam (one word, all lower caps).

Thanks ~Dwayne

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