OK, so our website still has some bugs!

Yes it’s true. Our website woes continue here at Next Level Worship! We appreciate those of you who have not given up on our site. Your patience is greatly appreciated! Thanks especially for the kind words and emails to let us know you are missing our articles and updates.

We are reluctant to post new articles because of some serious bugs that are still not resolved. Two things to be precise:

  1. For reasons unknown to us, some of the text throughout the site now looks like strange symbols and gibberish! This is quite distracting to our readers (and embarrassing to us).
  2. Our “pretty permalinks,” as they are called, have stopped working. Thus, you may find that some of the links on our site do not work. Also, search engines can no longer notice us because the article link titles are listed as numbers rather than as the actual names of each article. Our weekly hits have suddenly gone from thousands down to hundreds! If our new articles can’t be promoted out there through the search engines, we are hesitant to post them.

Bottom line, life is not without its problems! And our little issues stated above pale in significance to all the good things our Lord is doing in and through this ministry. So we will forge ahead and try to get these things fixed ASAP.

Meanwhile, let’s all just keep loving Jesus and focusing on Him rather than the frustrating stuff of this earth and cyberspace!

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