Our Website Has Been Down…!

If you have logged on to our site anytime in December, you may have wondered why we haven’t posted anything since November 29th. Our normal output is two – three articles per week! Well, that is because on November 30th some sort of trojan somehow attacked our site and disabled our ability to post any articles or updates! In fact, no one could even register for our blog and registered members couldn’t get in their admin section!

A huge debt of thanks to Chris Viola, our resident tech guru and the video/web guy at our church, who poured many late night hours into searching down and repairing this annoying and crippling problem!

As for now, all our plugins have been deactivated. So for the time being, you won’t be able to do things like listen to audio sermons or watch videos. Apparently, at least two of the plugins had become infected and were fouling up everything else. We are going to update and reload the plugins ASAP which should get everything back to running condition.

Thanks for your patience!

The NLW Team

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