Dwayne Interviewed on National Canadian TV Talkshow!

dwayne-on-huntley-street.jpgbuildingsmp.jpgOur founder, Dwayne Moore, had an amazing God-given opportunity to appear on 100 Huntley Street! 100 Huntley Street is the most popular Christian TV talk show in Canada! It literally reaches millions of viewers across Canada and the United States. You might think of it as the “700 Club” of Canada.

Dwayne was invited to sing and to talk about our resources here at Next Level Worship, including the Praise More Powerful worship study and 30 Days of Praise. Below is the link to the video recording of today’s broadcast. Dwayne’s portion begins at the time of 5:15 and goes until 23:30. So after you click on it, you might want to move the play bar over to around 5:15. (You will need Real Player to view this video.)

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