Video of Refugee Children Singing Praises to God

boycloseupschool-60x92.jpgHave you ever had something just stop you in your tracks and leave you speechless for a moment? When I first saw this simple, one and a half minute video, that was my reaction. These are people who have absolutely nothing, yet they are praising their God… My dear friend, Ken Galyean of, just returned two days ago from the refugee camps of northern Uganda. This is some of the footage he shot while he was there.

So that you can receive the full impact of what you are watching, be sure to look below the video for Ken’s incredible description of these precious people and his experience with them. (To watch the video…)

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Comments on video by Ken Galyean:

As we traveled to Northern Uganda to prepare for the June 11-18, 2007 team with Thomas Young, I thought God may really speak to these people through me, but instead God spoke to me through the refugees of Lira, Uganda. We arrived in the first camp and they brought their best chair and made us sit as they gathered 50 or more of the 250 souls represented in the IDP Camp. As they began to clap and sing I sensed the presence of God inhabiting the place and God spoke to me; “If I took everything away from you, would you still praise ME?” Have you ever had a moment with God when He takes your breath away? This was one of those moments for me, we were on Holy ground. The tune they were clapping and the words I didn’t understand but I knew they were singing Praise to Jesus. So when I inquired about these words they were singing, the answer came:”God is Good All the Time.”

These precious people had nothing; they left their homes to find refuge in a strange place called Lira. The Government wants them to go back to their home, but many of them are too afraid because of the Rebel activity of the LRA, or the war-torn conditions of Sudan, or the last of the wild tribe of the Karamajone. They are strangers in a camp because they have no where else to go and no means to support themselves except to beg for food, or find some menial task to receive some temporary relief from hunger. What are we to do? We can’t say be filled and be warmed…

Please pray with me for God’s wisdom as to how we can help these refugees of Northern Uganda…

– Ken Galyean

For more information about Ken Galyean and his ministry, Call to Africa, please go to You may contact Ken via email: ken at calltoafrica dot org.


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