New Book on Praise Off to Great Start!

Dear Blog Readers,

Thanks for giving me a week off to hide away and write! It was an amazing time with the Lord in a little cabin in the woods – no TV, no radio, and no internet access! (Surprisingly, I didn’t suffer from any severe withdrawals while there!) Of course, the greater appreciation goes to my wife and boys who gave up hubby and daddy for an entire week!

I have started working on a new book. I am not quite prepared to unveil the title and the exact premise yet. But I’ll give you this hint: People are made to praise; Returning praise and honor back to God is our ultimate purpose in this life – so why are we so often hesitant or even reluctant to give it to Him?

As a recluse last week, I invested over 40 hours in writing, researching and praying. The result was a clear direction for the book project, an overall outline, three completed chapters and a host of notes for chapters to come!

For a sneak peak at my progress, read this finished chapter from last week entitled Praise Should Boil from Hearts On Fire.

Worshiping Him!



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