2 Publishers Looking Seriously at Praise More Powerful

WorshipCover-frontpodcast.gifAs many of you know, we have been trusting God for close to 2 years now to lead us to the publisher He wants for Praise More Powerful. Our literary agent, David Sanford, and his amazing staff have worked tirelessly to present our worship study to several different major publishers. While many of them have shown interest, no one has come forward to say they wanted to publish it…until now.

After all these months of waiting and seeking, God has sent not one, but TWO major publishers our way in the same week! I am not at liberty yet to give you the names of these publishers. However, one of them has a huge presence in all English-speaking countries internationally. The other is one of the most well-known Christian publishers in America.

Both of these publishers have told us they will let us know their final decision about whether to publish our book within the next 3 weeks. Please pray for God’s will and for His wisdom about this. It is more than reasonable to assume that at least one of these two publishers will, in fact, extend an offer to us to publish Praise More Powerful. The senior staff people from both of these publishers have already told us they are 90% certain they will make an offer.

Whatever the outcome from these particular publishers, we are confident God will raise up exactly who He wants in His time. Afterall, Praise More Powerful is a study He initiated and directed. It is truly His project. Thus, He will open the doors that will assure it makes the greatest impact both in the states and abroad.

Thanks for your continued prayers! – Dwayne


  • Ryan Egan

    Congratulations! I’m looking into using this Bible study for this fall as I build our worship teams. It looks great from the first chapter!

  • Administrator

    Thanks, Ryan! Got your order and mailed your book today. Hope you can plug it in for your teams!
    Blessings, Dwayne

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