30 Days of Praise Launches Internationally!

Last week, our ministry, Next Level Worship, introduced 30 Days of Praise, an emphasis on worship for the entire church. The response has been incredible! Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox featured a link to our 30 Days of Praise website last week. As a result, we have had literally hundreds of responses from churches in 32 states in the US and more than 20 countries around the world! These churches represent some 20 different denominations!

30 Days of Praise is a church-wide campaign that, as Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox put it, can “renew your church’s understanding and experiencing of true, biblical worship through small group Bible studies, personal daily devotions, and supporting sermons and services.” Please go to our 30 Days of Praise website and check it out! www.30daysofpraise.com

To our hundreds of faithful readers: Please forgive our lack of attention to this blog site over the past several days. Normally we try to post 3 times per week. But with the launch of 30 Days of Praise, we’ve been more than a little distracted lately! Hopefully we’ll be back on schedule come August. Until then, please pray for us as we fill these hundreds of requests for DVDs and other 30 Days of Praise materials. Blessings! ~ Dwayne

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