Rory Noland Endorses Pure Praise Worship Study!

Hey everyone! I just received an amazing email from Rory Noland. Check out what he wrote about our study, Pure Praise!


Dwayne Moore has given us a comprehensive guide to worship leading. Pure Praise is thorough and well researched; no stone is left unturned. The various application questions and exercises make the book very accessible and ultimately practical. I highly recommend this book! – Rory Noland

As you probably know, Rory served for twenty years as music director at Willow Creek Community Church and is now the director of Heart of the Artist Ministries. He is the author of three incredible books for worship teams: The Heart of the Artist: A Character-Building Guide For You and Your Ministry Team and Thriving as an Artist in the Church: Hope and Help For You and Your Ministry Team and his brand new book, The Worshiping Artist: Equiping You and Your Ministry to Lead Others in Worship.

Rory is by far one of the most respected and loved mentors of worship leaders and worship teams. I am honored and humbled that he would endorse my study, Pure Praise. (BTW, his books make GREAT follow-ups to our study and materials!) – Dwayne

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