Worshiping God While on Vacation

My friend, Michael Moore, just left me a comment on A Successful Life Is a Worshiping Life. But this is so good I wanted to highlight his thoughts in a post. He is beginning a worship series in July entitled, “Worship God While on Vacation.” The emphasis is to worship God everyday and everywhere. How timely! For most of us Christians, worship is the last thing on our minds while we are on vacation!

Here are his sermon titles:
Worship God, Priority #1

  1. Williamsburg: Worship God who Designed History
  2. The Outer Banks: Worship God who Offers Peace
  3. Busch Gardens: Worship God who Provides Joy
  4. Water Country USA: Worship God who Gives Living Water
  5. Camping: Worship God who Created All
  6. Road Trip: Worship God who is Everywhere

Michael Moore is pastor of First Baptist Church, Woodstock. VA. He can be contacted via email: msm4 at shentel dot net

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