A Successful Life Is a Worshiping Life

worshippingmanpraying.jpgThe following is an excerpt from a new book I am working on. I’d love to hear what you think! Thanks! – Dwayne

We need to reconsider how we measure success in life. People may garner great accomplishments during this life, yet fail to prepare for life after death. And since our life – or at least our existence – is eternal, that means those same seemingly “successful” people will ultimately fail at life itself. And failure in that regard is not acceptable or advisable. Besides, everyone wants to win. Nobody wants to lose. And certainly no one wants to fail at life…

There are many strategies on how we can be successful during this life, but there is only one strategy that will make the time we’ve been given on this earth a true success. There is a singular plan which, if followed, will assure each of us a win at the long version of life.

I’ve entitled this formula or strategy our Maxim for Life-long Worship. The word maxim means “an expression of general truth; a principle of conduct.” This simple four-stanza poem does not guarantee us success within this life. However, these four all-important elements summarize the steps we must embrace and pursue if we are to truly be successful at life.

Please read the following through a couple of times slowly. You might even try reading it aloud to yourself…

More than anything in life,
I want to know my God
As He allows me to attain.

So to surrender all
And love Him more,
That will be my aim.

From my heart
For all to see,
His praise I will proclaim.

By faith I will
Pursue a life
That glorifies His Name.

©2007 Dwayne Moore

That is it. In just twelve brief lines, we have the formula that guarantees we will make the most out of this life. In just four stanzas of a simple poem is encapsulated our lifelong code of conduct, if you would. This Maxim for Life-long Worship should be memorized, meditated on and applied to every aspect of our lives from this moment on. It is truly that urgent and important…

(c)2007 by Dwayne Moore


  • Michael Moore

    Great thoughts and plan for life. I can’t wait to read the book. I am beginning a sermon series July 15 entitled Worship God While on Vacation. The emphasis is to worship God everyday and everywhere. I will definitely use your plan in my sermon. Here are my sermon titles:
    Worship God, Priority #1
    Williamsburg: Worship God who Designed History
    The Outer Banks: Worship God who Offers Peace
    Busch Gardens: Worship God who Provides Joy
    Water Country USA: Worship God who Gives Living Water
    Camping: Worship God who Created All
    Road Trip: Worship God who is Everywhere

    God bless,

  • Administrator

    Michael, love the vacation theme! Thanks for sharing it! Vacation is generally NOT the time people think about worshiping! Thank you for your huge heart for worship of our wonderful Lord! – Dwayne

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