Bringing Down Walls that Hinder Worship

The following is an excerpt from Week 8 of the Praise More Powerful worship study, which in that week focuses on the goals worship leaders should have when we lead others in praise…

According to Joshua, chapter 6, the people of Jericho had constructed a huge wall that prevented God’s people from reaching them. In much the same way people have constructed seemingly insurmountable walls in their hearts and minds that try to prevent God from coming in and taking control.

As worship leaders we cannot merely express the greatness and grace of our God to those in the congregation. What if the Israelites had settled for only looking toward that wall, hoping it would somehow fall as they lifted praise to God with their trumpets and songs? The wall might never have fallen! No, they marched around that wall seven times. They were determined the wall would come down, and they trusted the Lord to honor their obedience to Him and their resolve.

If you help facilitate praise, how determined are you to influence the “people in the pews“ to worship? Are you content just standing there singing or playing? Do you feel it’s “their problem” if they don’t take notice and follow in praise to the Most High? Or do you sense a responsibility to help them want to follow? It was clearly God’s power that brought the wall down that day in Jericho. But it was clearly God’s people whom the Lord used to help it fall!

Ask God to use you and your church’s music group to bring someone‘s “wall” down this coming Sunday…WorshipCover-front.gif

Excerpt from Praise More Powerful: Insights to Transform Our Worship (c) 2006 by Dwayne Moore

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