Walkathon Spotlight – Team Jon Tyner

“Let’s do something crazy,” says Jon Tyner. Jon and his team of three other men will be walking 24 hours non-stop to help Next Level Worship International raise money in support of our missionary efforts. Jon will be accompanied by his Associate Pastor, Shaun Pillay, an experienced hiker in his choir, Jack Siler, and another choir member, Josh DeWitt. “We are go-getters, willing to take on the challenge ahead of us.”

Day of Prayer and Fasting!

Today is a day we've set aside for prayer and fasting at Next Level Worship International. This day is so important as we listen to the Spirit and lay our needs and burdens before Him in prayer and intercession. *Below are some things I am praying specifically for and would

Preparing to Leave Prepares Them to Lead

As worship leaders, we have ministerial duties that require us to reflect the love and truth of Jesus Christ in all that we say and do. We are not perfect but as teachers or worship pastors, we will be judged more strictly by others. That’s fair. “Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly” James 3:1.

Worship Leader Spotlight – Micah Eastridge

With a missional outlook, a strategic plan, and a thriving staff, Micah has the privilege to serve alongside Picayune First Baptist Church in Picayune Mississippi as their Worship Pastor. Micah, along with his fellow staff, use their mission statement to be the blueprint for their ministry - “Encouraging influencers with the gospel.” Micah focuses on implementing this mission statement and raising up the next generation of musicians within his ministry at Picayune.


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