Leaders from 10 Nations Gather to Worship Online!

In October of 2019, our ministry did something very unique and powerful. We brought our NLW community together for an online Praise Gathering! Church leaders from at least 10 countries met in a “virtual room” for two hours of praying, singing, shouting, clapping, teaching and fellowship! The video below is a brief segment that happened

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Worship Essentials: Interview with Mike Harland

Worship Essentials by Mike Harland has received a Choice Resource Award from NLW International. Congratulations to Mike and the great folks at Lifeway Worship! Dwayne Moore sat down with Mike for a lengthy interview that spans several important topics for pastors and worship leaders. Enjoy! Interview questions included:1. Who is Mike Harland? Tell us about

Impact Profile: Chris Mellon

Name: Chris Mellon Age: 27 Country: USA Role: Pastor Chris’s Story Meet Chris Mellon, a worship Pastor from the states who has been a part of Next Level Worship for three years. Chris was first introduced to Next Level at Experience conference in Florida, where he was able to sit in on Dwayne’s teaching at

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Impact Profile: Donald Kutala

Name: Donald Kutala Age: 41 Country: Zambia Role: Pastor at Dayspring Ministries International & NLWI Africa Director Donald’s Story What a journey! In 2013, l went online to look for a Worship course that l can do after one Pastor spoke in my life that l will be training the young generation worship leaders. The

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Stop Impeding Traffic: How Name-calling Hurts Our Witness

By John Martin I am sitting in a small coffee shop in Guntersville, AL.  It is a rainy and dreary day and I am looking out the window trying to get motivated to start working on my projects for the day.  As I am sitting here, I observe something that was both entertaining and enlightening

Songwriting for the Church Part 2

Recently during one of our LEGACY Coaching sessions, Dwayne sat down with Stephen Moore, lead singer for Carrollton, to discuss songwriting with the online students. Below is another part of that conversation. Go HERE to listen to Part 1 of this interview. When you’re asking who you’re writing for, in that answer’s the congregation the

Christmas Dinner Theater Christian Play

If Christ Had Not Come is a 2-act play written by Dwayne Moore, author of Pure Praise and WorshipLife. This 45-minute play is both powerful and effective in presenting the Gospel message of hope in Jesus Christ in a fresh and entertaining way. It has been used in churches, prisons and other places where people

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Songwriting for the Church

Recently during one of our LEGACY Coaching sessions, Dwayne sat down with Stephen Moore, lead singer for Carrollton, to discuss songwriting with the online students. Here is part of that conversation… As we start out tonight having a conversation about this let’s set the stage by saying, trying to write hit songs that everyone likes,

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Matching Gift Opportunity!

“You have motivated and inspired me greatly to continue to pray and seek my dream for God’s Kingdom through worship. I’m praying for you and your team to continue to build up and make many more worshipers for the glory of our good Father!” Leanza from Indiana “We are ministering in rural areas where resources

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Worship from the Inside Out (Sermon by Dwayne Moore)

This teaching is foundational for everything in our lives. “The thing that spoke most to me was when Dwayne talked about a man telling a woman, “I love you,” then not seeing or hearing from him for a week, then him coming back saying “I love you” again. I don’t want to be that kind