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The Heart of a Worshiper

The Heart of a Worshiper Dwayne Moore unpacks 4 powerful characteristics of a worshiping heart from Psalm 51, David's famous prayer of repentance. This message is from Dwayne's new book, The Worshiper's Prayer Life: How the Model Prayer Can Shape Your Heart for Worship.

Mercies New Every Morning

Mercies New Every Morning by Gosaitse Madumela of Botswana, NLW Community Member Praise God!  This is the third time in this Psalm that God highlights His mercy towards us.  It means He wants us to always remember His covering of mercy on us. They are from everlasting to everlasting. There will never be a day

What Is “Next Level” Worship?

What Is "Next Level" Worship? Welcome to Next Level Worship brought to you by Next Level Worship international changing lives through worship. Now here is a host, the founder and president of Next Level Worship, Dwayne Moore.I'll give you three characteristics of a Next Level worshiper. They're simple. The first characteristic is...

Worship Pastor Herb Armentrout on the Joy of Training African Leaders

The Joy of Training African Leaders By Herb Armentrout At the heart of our ministry is one-on-one, long-term mentoring between international leaders called "Sponsorships."  Experiencing other worship cultures is truly amazing!  But, theological teachings on worship ministry and Biblical worship is not readily available in many developing countries.  Therefore, our goal at

የአማርኛ ዳሰሳ ገጽ

መርሃግብሩን እና ለመመልከት እና ለመሳተፍ በመስመር ላይ መሆን ያለብዎትን ለማወቅ እባክዎ ይህንን ገጽ ይከተሉ ፡፡ማስታወሻ-ዋና የማስተማሪያ መልእክቶች ብቻ ወደ ኡርዱ የተተረጎሙ ናቸው ፡፡ ለሌሎች ነገሮች ሁሉ በቀጥታ በእንግሊዝኛ ወደምናሰራጭበት የቀጥታ ምግብ ገጽ መሄድ ያስፈልግዎታል ፡፡እባክዎ ከዚህ በታች ያሉት ጊዜያት ግምታዊ መሆናቸውን ይገንዘቡ። Please follow down this page to know the schedule and

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