Is your Big Idea a God-thing?

Excerpt from ” Workbook for Success: How to Move a Vision Forward” by Dwayne Moore and Donald Kutala

Before pulling the trigger on a big idea, we need to be confident it’s something God is leading us to do. Ask yourself, who are the people that really need to be in on this decision? Ask them and yourself three important questions: Should we do this? Could we do it? And finally, would we do it? In anything that’s about to zap the time and energy of you and your team, you need to walk carefully through these questions. Whether the idea you’re considering is for your church or your family or your job, these questions apply anytime and anywhere.

First, you need to invest a lot of time praying and pondering on whether you should do it. If God really has put it in your heart, don’t be frustrated if your pastor doesn’t latch onto the idea immediately. You don’t have to force this potential vision on anybody. Be careful, in fact, how many people you share it with. If you share it with just anybody, they may shoot it down prematurely, or as John Maxwell puts it, “I thought, but they fought it.”

Be careful, in fact, how many people you share it with. If you share it with just anybody, they may shoot it down prematurely . . .

Dwayne Moore

If it’s truly a God thing, you won’t get away from it. It will just keep waking you up in the middle of the night, thinking about it. Pray about it, like Mary did when the angel came to her and blew her mind telling her she’s having a baby that’s going to save the whole world. Can you imagine how she must have felt? She just kept those things and pondered them in her heart. That was a smart thing to do. If she had shared that with literally almost anybody, including her husband, they would have thought she was nuts.

You need to fervently pray through it. Soak it with prayer. My wife and I prayed over our big idea in Louisville for almost two weeks. Every day it was on our minds, and it just kept coming strong on us. Finally, we realized we should at least talk to our pastor about it and see what he might say.

Don’t Focus on the Financial Burden

Initially, you don’t need to concern yourself too much with finances. This first question isn’t about money. This is not about resources yet. The question is should you do it. Does the answer have to do with helping change lives? If you believe the idea could impact your church and your ministry, if your motives for doing it are for the right reasons, then don’t worry about finances and whether you have all the resources you need.

Obviously, money and resources are very important and not to be ignored. However, that shouldn’t be your first question. The God you serve is bigger than those situations. If He put it on your heart to do it, don’t you think the Lord will provide and help you do it? Doesn’t that make sense? He wouldn’t just kid with you about it. It’s not God’s character to wave a carrot in front of you, and then say, “No, you can’t really pull it off, because you don’t have what you need.” No way He would do that. He owns the cattle on thousand hills. Ask, first of all, is this something that could bear much fruit for the Kingdom, move my pastor’s or leader’s vision forward, and ultimately help fulfill my calling?

Pray About It

Lift it [your big idea] up before the Lord now. Ask Him to show you which part, if any, of what you wrote might be something He wants you to do. Don’t bring your agenda or preferences to the table. You are not bargaining with God. You are surrendering to Him. Ask for wisdom about whether your idea supports the vision and mission of your church or organization.

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This workbook is designed for pastors, worship leaders, elders, small group leaders and other church leaders. However, business leaders and professionals can also glean from the principles.

Dwayne Moore: Founder and CEO of Next Level Worhsip International

Donald Kutala: Pastor at DaySpring Church in Zambia, Africa and Africa Director at Next Level Worship International

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