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It’s Next Level Worship International’s Annual Walkathon! We are excited to see how this event continues to grow this month as we come together and walk for worship. This event is more than just a physical activity, it is an opportunity to connect with others and raise funds for a great cause. So, lace up your shoes and get ready to make every step count as we walk for worship with Next Level International.

Discovering the Meaning of Next Level Worship International’s Annual Walkathon

Next Level Worship International’s Annual Walkathon is not just your average fundraiser. It holds a deep and significant meaning for our organization and participants alike. This event is a powerful symbol of unity and connection, as we come together to walk for worship. It represents our shared commitment to taking our worship to the next level, both in our personal lives and as a global community. Each step we take during the Walkathon is a testament to our dedication to worship and our desire to lead others to authentic worship of God. Furthermore, the Walkathon serves as an opportunity to raise funds for a great cause. The money raised will support NLWI’s mission trips overseas and here in the US allowing us to continue empowering individuals and churches worldwide to experience a deeper level of worship.

How You Can Get Involved

Ready to join us and make a difference? Here’s how you can get involved in this exciting event.

First, you can register yourself or create a team to participate in the Walkathon. Gather your friends, family, or colleagues and walk together for worship! By doing so, not only will you be supporting a great cause, but you’ll also be fostering a sense of community and connection within your local community.

Next, use your social media platforms, email, and any other personal networks to share your participation in the Walkathon and ask for donations. Remember, every dollar raised will make a significant impact in empowering individuals and churches worldwide to experience a deeper level of worship.

Finally, get creative and have fun with your fundraising efforts. Consider gathering with other worship leaders, organize a virtual walking session, or reach out to local businesses for sponsorships. The possibilities are endless. So, lace up your shoes, gather your friends, and let’s walk for worship together. Every step you take will bring us closer to our goal of taking our worship to the next level.

Witnessing Impact – Testimonies from Worldwide Participants

This Walkathon touches the lives of individuals from all around the world, and we are excited to share some powerful testimonies from our participants. These stories demonstrate the incredible impact that walking for worship can have on our lives and the lives of others.

It’s cold. But you know, when you’re walking for worship, it doesn’t matter what kind of weather you were in. So pray the Lord will provide for NLWI.

Pastor Herbert form Uganda

We are all happy to participate in the walkathon. Walk for what? Worship!

Pastor Shakar from India

I love supporting NLWI because of its commitment to disciples making disciples and Biblical worship.


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