Audio Teaching: Stay Inside Your Box (Honoring God’s Boundaries)

Dwayne MooreEverywhere we turn, someone’s telling us to “get out of our box.” But that should depend on what box they’re referring to. Yes, it’s good advice not to allow ourselves to be limited by our circumstances and our own small thinking. However, Dwayne explains in this provocative 35-minute audio message that staying inside God’s box for us is, in fact, the very best thing we can do. Despite the popular prosperity teachings of our day, we’re not all supposed to be rich or famous or even be the picture of physical health. The prayer of Jabez must be understood within the limits of God’s soveriegn will for His children. If we want security, joy, peace and abundant life, we need to know and honor the limitations God places on our individual lives.

Click inside the Audio MP3 box to listen. (If you don’t see a box below, please go to to listen.) (Download the PDF teaching notes by clicking here.)

Stay Inside Your Box mp3

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