A Factory Model of Worship Ministry

FactoryCircleAt Valley View Church where I’m worship pastor, our vision for the worship and creative arts ministry is to be a “sculpturing factory.”

The analogy of a factory works especially well in the southwest area of Louisville, where our church is located. Many of our members work at the Ford plants or the major UPS hub nearby, so it’s easy for them to understand and relate to this simple word-picture of our vision. Thanks for reading! –Dwayne

Read more for some particulars, which help explain our “factory” model of ministry:


We have 3 “products” (or goals) that our worship ministry aims to produce:

1. Quality worship services (based on Psalm 33:3)

2. Quality worshipers (based on Matthew 28:18)

3. Quality worship leaders (based on 2 Timothy 2:2)


Chief Operator

The Lord, “the Author and Finisher of our faith,” is the Chief Operator who directs the sculpturing process. He determines the speed of the conveyor belts and the pace that each “product” is produced. (After all, they’re His worship services and His worshipers!)


Conveyor Belts

We have strategies in place, which act as “conveyor belts” moving everything along. These strategic processes rarely change. We believe they are biblical, logical and effective in any situation to produce the results we need and strive for.



These are specific systems and processes along the conveyor belts, which our workers use to help them in their particular areas of ministry involvement. For example, how we run lights, sound and cameras and how our band rehearses are all part of the “machines” we need to produce quality worship services. While our strategies may not change, our systems do. Machines often need to be inspected and improved and occasionally even replaced. Thus, we are constantly working to improve our various systems through innovation, evaluation, orchestration and integration.



The leaders and overseers in our worship ministry are the factory workers. These are vital servants, which help lovingly and carefully develop our products. They work diligently within their assigned areas of our systems to keep the “conveyor belts” moving and working properly. Our dedicated workers are the life force of our worship ministry!



The Holy Spirit empowers the whole process of teaching, developing and sculpting worship services, worshipers and leaders. He is literally the engine, which drives our entire system (or “conveyor belts”) along.


Perhaps this is a model you would like to adapt for the music ministry of your church. You are welcome to download our entire Worship Ministry Manual, which explains in detail our strategies and systems at Valley View Church. And if you’d like advice on how to better organize your worship arts ministry, then contact us about consulting. We’d love to help!

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