Worship Leader Evangelists – Sharing the Gospel with a Lost World

by Dr. Herb Armentrout

[Editor’s Note: This article was initially published on June 9, 2021. Recently, Herb appeared on our weekly show called Live Talk with Dwayne Moore where he discussed some of the things mentioned in this article, including detailing his recent prison ministry experiences with his choir. You can view the video at the end of this article.]

Based on the commandment in Matthew 28:18-20 we must marshal all our resources to share Christ with a dying world. We cannot sit in our churches with folded arms and blinders on while people around us are going to hell. God has gifted us not only to make music for our corporate worship gatherings but also to sing and play His praise everywhere.

Please allow me to share some basics with you as we contemplate God’s clear call to share His love.

First, worship leaders should be soul winners. We should be praying with waiters and waitresses, explaining the gospel to our golf buddies, and offering bible studies for the parents of the kids on our kids’ soccer teams. God has given each of us a mission field and we must be faithful stewards of the Gospel every day, in every way, as we are directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Second, we should encourage and equip the people on our music ministry teams to share their faith. In our church, every year we choose a different plan for sharing the Gospel and use it among all our music groups. We learn and review this plan in rehearsals, especially prior to mission trips. We role play to be able to share our testimony in 90 seconds and practice sharing the Gospel in groups of two. These regular revisitations of sharing our faith reminds people we must be about the good work all the time.

Third, we need to go! There are many places in your community which will allow a musical group to sing or play a mini concert. Our Worship Choir and Orchestra annually go on a five prison concert tour, but because we were unable to go in person this year, we are working on producing a Mission Concert DVD which will be sent to an even larger number of prisons in Southeast Texas and South Louisiana. Some of the places that provide excellent opportunities to share your music, message and mission include city parks, addiction treatment facilities, rescue missions, prisons, hospitals, retirement homes, residential special needs facilities, and performing flash mobs in restaurants.

As we watch our culture continue to drift away from Christ we should all sense an urgency regarding our responsibility to be on mission for Christ, and whether your music ministry is two singers and a guitar player, or a full choir and orchestra, there are places and ways to share the love of Christ through music. Pray God will show you both.

Live Talk with Dwayne Moore episode with Herb Armentrout

Herb is the worship pastor at Broadmoor Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA where he leads CELEBRATION Worship (Orchestra & Choir). He’s also a part of our teaching team! Herb and his team will be joining us in Angel Fire, New Mexico next month as we host tent revivals and share the gospel!