Work That is Unseen

By Suzanne Provagna

This morning I awoke before dawn and went outside. It was completely dark and, yet, the birds were incessantly chirping. It sounded like hundreds of birds happily singing while working. I couldn’t see anything, but it was obvious there was immeasurable activity going on. If you couldn’t hear, you would not have known the birds were out there. If you didn’t have the knowledge that birds build their nests in the springtime – you would not have known the birds were doing important work.

We live in a physical and spiritual world. It can be easy to focus on only what we see, but we would be missing the most important part of life… that which we cannot see.

As believers and followers of Jesus Christ, we know the Holy Spirit and angels are working on our behalf. Even though we do not hear the angels singing or see the work they are doing, we know through the Bible these things are true. Although we do not physically see the Holy Spirit, we know He is working on our behalf.

Here’s my challenge for you and myself:  Make room for him.  Invite the Holy Spirit to be a clear, compelling voice in your life and a welcoming presence everywhere you go.

The birds outside were unseen, but they were there.
The God we serve is unseen, but He is here.

Imagine Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in the room with you now, walking beside you, sitting beside you, pouring out His love and guidance to you.  

Prayer for today: Lord Jesus, help us to be aware of Your Holy Spirit, train us in the way we should go.  Help us to know and love You more every day.  Amen.

Suzanne is a NLW Lead Team Member, certified Nutritional Therapist and owner of Christ-Centered Wellness.  We are thankful for Suzanne and the countless volunteer hours she’s invested to help us train worship leaders around the world.

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