Pure Praise Impacts Lives in The Worship Community

Here are some comments from a few in TheWorshipCommunity forum who finished all 9 weeks of Pure Praise: A Heart-focused Bible Study on Worship.

I came to this study wanting, seeking, and asking God for one or two things in my life; and He gave me much more…When I came, I felt so overwhelmed that I was not able to carrying on the exhortation as I believe God wanted me too. Tonight, as I write, my eyes begin to fill up with tears…This study has done so much for me in the areas of training, growth, and relationships, spiritual healing took place here for me. A deeper level of worship and praise took place here for me. I have had days where I felt the Lord’s presence so strongly and I know it was the Spirit and the prayer of my class members…I may never be able to sing a tune; but I can and will praise and worship my Lord with everything in me. God’s ministry in me has even taken a deeper and higher level…I am so grateful today for being a part of such a movement of God. — Rogenia

This has been an amazing study! I can’t wait to start discussing it with our team this week. — Mim’s Gal

Dwayne – Thanks for writing Pure Praise. God really had a hand in working through you in the writing of this book. There is some amazing stuff in here that I am sure we will all ponder over for a long time to come. This is not just an ordinary book. — Wrapped In Jesus Love

My relationship with God has grown much stronger, and I’ve learned what it truly means to worship God. — MandoRon

I have been changed so much over the last 9 weeks in this study! God brought this to me at the perfect time (of course!) and it has given me direction through what could have been a very difficult transition. I have come from a place of “I can’t do this!” to a place of “I can’t do this — but God can work in me to get it done!” God has dealt with many of my heart issues, strengthening some, purifying others, and has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God. May many see and fear and put their trust in the Lord! — RuthABraun

Wow! This has been such a wonderful journey. I’m so glad I got to take it… I entered this study knowing I was far from being the man God requires me to be, and I leave it with a firm grasp on what he has called me to become, and a great road map of how to get there. This is not the end of the journey, it’s just a place to refill my fuel tank and get back on the road…Next week, I will start over using the book. And I will come here daily and see what we wrote for that day, and see how much I have grown since the first time. — Wanna Be a Worshiper

The last day of the last week! What a journey it has been! This last day has given me a sense of urgency that I did not have before. Yes, all that I have learned has been of such value to me in becoming a worship LEADER, but now it is time to hit the trenches with it. — RuthABraun

Thank you Dwayne for writing an awesome book. It is evident that God worked through you in the writing of this book. I will take everything I learned and try to apply it. — Wrapped In Jesus Love

Thank you Dwayne for an awesome book…I have enjoyed this class and have grown in my walk with the Lord. I have learned that pure praise and worship is giving oneself totally. I thought I came here for one reason and through the class and the lesson God has reveal many areas to me and allow me to grow in many areas. — Rogenia

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