Praise Impacts Our World

The praise song the People of Judah sang in 2 Chronicles is an excellent example of the kind of worship song that both honors and pleases the Lord. Not only was it scripturally accurate (what God said), it was a redemptive song that epitomized the very heart of God (who God is). “His mercy endures forever.”

God’s ultimate desire for man is to redeem or buy us back from the bondage of our sin. In that awesome truth, we can all find hope. The Bible has many wonderful themes that we can express in our songs of worship. But, like quality work tools are made with steel, every praise song should be filled with hope. We need to examine our music to be sure they are songs of the Redeemed.

1 Peter 2:9 says God has called us to “show forth” his praises to people who don’t know him. The Children of Judah clearly and boldly proclaimed his praise through their music and their actions. It is vitally important that we consider what songs and worship styles will help reach the community around us. Not only is worship not about me, it’s not ultimately even about us as believers; rather, we are to be his light to the people who don’t know Christ. While the lost can’t actually worship God, they certainly can watch us praising him. May we willingly and joyfully allow the Lord to “put a new song in our mouth (so that) many will see it and fear and trust in the Lord.” (Psalm 40:3 NKJ)

It’s important to note, however, that people who are not redeemed (or saved) cannot truly appreciate or understand our worship songs. Some of the most satisfying themes of the Christian Faith, some of our greatest reasons to praise, may actually “turn off” a lost person. For example, the washing of our sins in Christ’s blood may seem crude and outdated to some. The thought of Christ’s death on the cross can be offensive. In the same way, we can expect our songs and lyrics to, at times, also be offensive. Some songs simply will not seem “suitable,” no matter how hard we try to be “sensitive” to those around us.

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