Powerful Video Website of Life-change Stories

Do yourself a huge favor and go today, in fact right now, to www.IAmSecond.com. This is a website put together by Tony Evans. It is cutting edge in its format and presentation. It features video testimonies by famous sports stars, movie stars, and musicians, such as Darrell Waldrep, Stephen Baldwin, Brian “Head” Welch (former lead guitarist of KoRn), and several others.

This website is an awesome evangelistic tool designed for people who don’t know Christ and need hope and help. Topics covered include drug addiction, eating disorders, disillusionment from famine and hopelessness in world, rejection, physical and emotional pain, loneliness and more.

We are left on this earth to show forth God’s praises in a dark world. What better way to worship Him publically than to point those you love to a website like this where they can discover the Hope and Peace found only in Christ?

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