Powerful Responsive Reading about the Church

Recently, we put together an effective and rousing “responsive reading” that supported our pastor’s message theme that day about the place and importance of God’s Church. Our entire congregation was on their feet clapping by the end of this stirring experience! Click here to download the PDF of the recitation.

We adapted this reading/recitation from an old Bill Gaither recitation. We added in the bolded phrases for the congregation. I recommend that your pastor or main worship leader do the bulk of the recitation–the part that is in the normal type. Your praise team reads with the congregation all of the bolded type.

It is vitally important that your person doing the main recitation parts (pastor or worship leader or whomever) be enthusiastic, highly expressive and strong-voiced. It is also imperative that the main recitation be completely memorized. The praise team can either memorize the bolded sections or simply read along with the congregation the bolded words on the screens. If you don’t have screens in your church, you can also print the full recitation for the congregation. NOTE: Be sure someone at the beginning of the recitation briefly explains to the congregation that they are to speak the bolded words on the screens everytime they come up (or on the printed sheets, as the case may be).

We sang Holy Spirit Rain Down (Russell Fragar/Hillsong) in the key of F, then did the recitation while our band played back through Holy Spirit Rain Down. As soon as the recitation was finished, the band changed to the key of G, and we sung the chorus of Holy Spirit Rain Down one more time. The recitation can be adapted to work with any number of songs–so long as the song goes along the same general theme and “mood.”

This is a creative and very encouraging element to highlight any worship time. I strongly encourage you to try it soon! ~Dwayne

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