Requirements for Members of Our Worship Team

Below are the reguirements and expectations that Dwayne places on his praise teams and production teams at his church.

We have three basic requirements for those who play and sing in our praise bands at our church:

  1. Everyone must be willing to go through the nine-week Bible study, Pure Praise.
  2. Everyone must be able to commit to 3 out of 4 rehearsals a month at a minimum.
  3. Everyone must be willing to follow my lead and the lead of the pastor about song selection, rehearsal format, and spiritual formation within the team (ie, we try to go through a book or Bible study one or twice a year, and everyone is expected to participate every time).

Of course, our biggest expectation is that each person on our worship teams conduct themselves properly as Christians both on and off the stage and be true ministers and servants 24/7. We also expect them to participate in the life of our church as much as possible, including attending small groups and listening attentively to our pastor’s weekly messages. However, we don’t ask them — or generally want them — to commit themselves in other areas of ministry on a permanent basis, because we don’t want them to burn out from overuse.

NOTE: We do not apply these same requirements and expections to our volunteer choir people who only sing occasionally.

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