New Year's Resolution: Quit Your Job

Looking for a great New Year’s resolution? Here’s one: Quit your job – your job on Sundays at church, that is.
Everyone knows we’re not supposed to labor on the Sabbath but rather “keep it holy.” (See Exodus 20:8) We can only keep it honoring to God if we approach what we do every Sunday as ministry – ministering to God and serving one another.
Having been on staff in several local churches over the years, I know how hard our work on Sundays can be at times. However, if our responsibilities ever become just a job to us, if our praise decays into no more than ritual and routine, then we are breaking His commandment and dishonoring our precious and holy Lord. – And we simply don’t have the time to live outside His will. He could return in 2007! We don’t have one minute to waste if we are to finish well and not be ashamed before Him at His coming.
As the clock ticks down 2006, may we each resolve to make every minute count for Him in 2007…

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