Mini-musical Drama for Palm Sunday

A Palm Sunday Mini-musical & Dramatic Presentation for Choir & Narrator

Written by Dwayne Moore

Cast: Choir, narrator, 3 brief speaking parts for choir members, Jesus (no speaking parts)
Run-time: approx. 30 minutes
Props/costumes needed: palm branches, simple rock or backdrop for the Garden of Gethsemane scene, costumes for some choir members and for Jesus, signs for a few of the choir members displaying various thoughts of desertion
Scene 1
Choir is in place on stage. Some are dressed in biblical attire, and others are in regular, modern clothes. House lights are off. Spotlight up on narrator who is standing on stage right.
Narrator: Here we are in the city of Jerusalem. It’s their annual Passover celebration and the place is packed with out-of-town guests. But this Passover is different than any other one they’ve seen. This is the day Jesus enters the city triumphantly. Imagine what it must have been like that day. Imagine Jesus walking past us now, riding on a donkey. (music begins building) Wow, the streets of Jerusalem are erupting with praise for this man who is also God. This is their Messiah. This is the One they’ve been waiting for so long. This is the King who’s come to save them! And they’re obviously very excited to see him and proclaim him the King of Kings! Let’s join them in praise to the King!
Choir Medley O Worship the King (verse 1), Agnus Dei (full song), How Great Is Our God (chorus, verse 1, chorus, bridge, chorus 2x), (Suggestion: end the medley with the ladies singing the chorus of Agnus Dei while the men continue the chorus of How Great Is Our God.)
Narrator: (Reads passage about Jesus entering Jerusalem and them singing “Hosanna”.) Yes, they were singing Hosanna alright. It’s like they couldn’t shout it loud enough: “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”
SongHosanna (by Hillsong United) (verse 1, chorus only) As song continues, the choir fans out so some are both sides of the congregation while some remain on stage. (Spotlights search throughout auditorium) They all begin to wave palm branches and join in singing “Hosanna” over and over, louder and louder. Then they begin to hand palm branches randomly to people in the congregation as everyone begins to sing “O Come let us adore Him.” The enthusiasm of praise continues to rise until the end of the song.
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