Worship God on Vacation Message Series

Holidays and traveling are an integral part of our lives. For we Americans, this upcoming “Labor Day” will be anything but laborious as we take to the highways and waterways to celebrate a reprieve from our labors.

Unfortunately, far too many otherwise church-going Christians likewise take a hiatus from church while they are on vacation. While apparently they (OK, we) assume we have earned some sort of right to vacation from God’s house, the fact is we cannot vacate from God’s presence (see Psalm 139!). Thus as believers, we should never, never, excuse our hearts from worshiping and honoring God.

My good friend, Michael Moore, has put together some powerful and creative messages on this very topic. The sermon titles include:

  • Williamsburg: Worship God who Designed History
  • The Outer Banks: Worship God who Offers Peace
  • Busch Gardens: Worship God who Provides Joy
  • Water Country USA: Worship God who Gives Living Water
  • Camping: Worship God who Created All
  • Road Trip: Worship God who is Everywhere

Click here to download the PDF of these messages. Enjoy! – Dwayne

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