Live Talk with Dwayne Moore

Talkshow and teaching for your worship life

Have you discovered our weekly show called Live Talk with Dwayne Moore? Live Talk features best-selling author Dwayne Moore and conversations and interviews with special guests.

Live Talk premieres every week on Fridays at 11:00 am (CST) on Facebook, YouTube, and on satellite television in Asia on King Television.

This first season of Live Talk has featured guests such as Scot Longyear, Dr. Constance Cherry, Rory Noland, Charles Billingsley, and many others.

Preview of This Week’s Episode

Just this last week, Dwayne welcomed Stephen Benham, President of Music in World Cultures and Chris Vacher, Leadership Consultant, to the show. This video gives you a sneak peek of what you will hear on the latest episode.

This Week’s Episode

Watch this week’s episode with Stephen Benham and Chris Vacher.

Audio Podcast

After the show airs on Fridays, there is an audio podcast version that is released every Tuesday. You can subscribe to the podcast on any of your favorite podcasting platforms.

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