by Linda Sheha

Hi everyone. My name is Linda Sheha and I come from Harare, Zimbabwe. I’ve been a worship leader for the past 25 years and in my ministry and in the ministry of many other worship leaders in my country, there’s been a general outcry that we might receive some form of formal training in as far as what worship is all about. We were very grateful that Next Level Worship came to Zimbabwe. In their coming to Zimbabwe, I want to say they partnered with God for the nation of Zimbabwe in answering a prayer that has been there for a very long time. When they came, they taught us authentic biblical worship. As I will recall from one of the teachings that the President Dwayne Moore taught us, worship from the inside out.

It’s a very transformative program that it has been to a lot of our worship team leaders and I want to thank God that there has been an impact on a personal level for all worship leaders in my country. And what I want to say is that when a worship leader stands in front of the church each week, when they have been transformed, they have the influence to transform many others in the church. Our nation has never been the same since the coming of Next Level Worship to the nation of Zimbabwe. Worship has changed in a great way. Not only did they teach us in terms of theory-based teachings, they also brought skillset along with their teachings. They taught us musical cords, to do music by cords. Their work has been transformative, from the guy doing the engineering, the guy on the keyboard, the guy on the bass or lead guitar. The vocal trainings have been amazing for many people who have gone through our vocal training and our music has never been the same. For worship team leaders, it has been a great experience.

We have been equipped in practical ways of impacting our teams for greater work in the ministry of God and I just want to say thank you to the Next Level Worship president, Pastor Dwayne Moore, Dawn Kelley, and John Martin, and above all our Africa director, Pastor Donald, who has been working tirelessly in the nation of Zimbabwe to make sure that this work would be fruitful. And indeed there has been much fruit in the nation of Zimbabwe, and I believe there’s still other nations across the world which can be impacted in the same positive way that Zimbabwe has been impacted.

To our donors, we want to say you for making everything possible from every event you have sponsored since Next Level Worship came to Zimbabwe. Your giving has not been in vain, it has impacted a lot of people. Not only the church, but it has become a discipleship training program where we are also taught on reaching out to our neighbors and impacting them for Christ. People who have never known Christ have come to know Christ through people who have been impacted by Next Level Worship ministry of worship. So I just want to say thank you. Please keep giving to the ministry of Next Level Worship. You are doing a great work, a great work in the entire world and you’re partnering with God to make this work a possibility. May God bless you. And, I just want to say a great many thanks from the nation of Zimbabwe. God bless you.

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