Huge Open Door for Gospel in Botswana, Africa!

boycloseupschool-60x92.jpgI will be leaving very soon for a mission trip in Botswana, Africa, where I will be joining Ken Galyean of Call to Africa and others. We will be working with Face the Nation, a ministry effort of Open Baptist Church in Gabarone, Botswana. (BTW, while we are gone, we will feature guest authors on this site who will be posting some incredible worship articles!)

We are part of a team of instructors who will be giving Biblical training to 100 Botswanan college students. These students will, in turn, go into all 27 public high schools in Botswana! The Ministry of Education of the Botswanan government has invited them to come and teach abstinence and share about Jesus to the senior high students! What an amazing opportunity God has afforded us! Literally thousands will hear the Gospel and come to Christ through this wide open door!

According to 1 Peter 2:9, God has called to show forth the praises of Him who called us out of darkness and into His marvelous light. Evangelism is the natural outcome of worship! Please pray for these college evangelists that they would brightly show forth His praises!!

Please take a moment and view the 6-minute video below that will help you know how pray for us and for the students of Botswana! Please leave a comment below this article if you will commit to pray for Botswana and our team. Many thanks! – Dwayne

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  • EDDY

    Hey.. I was one of the students in the video… Thanks for the fun time Dwayne… yeahhhhh…. Worshipping with you was awesome and thanks for teaching us ‘send me’… may God reachly bless you in everything you do!!!

  • Brian Lee

    Dwayne, I’ll be coming to Gaberone this Saturday, look forward to joining you there in worship and serving God this summer.

  • zsratdxaon

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! wrmugmcbyday

  • Gaone

    hi,i just listened to the songs that we recorded when you were here.i cant tell you how much it meant to me to hear myself.i led that song o lefika simply means you are my hiding place and indeed he is our hiding place.thank you so much Dwayne.i still do the praise more powerful bible study.god bless you…..

  • akinyi joel

    Praise Him,
    Am washed by the blood of Jesus Christ,and i love to hear His name being preached all over the world.continue praising Him
    Thanks inadvance

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