How Can I Benefit from NLW’s Worship Leader Coaching? (Podcast)

With our new round of Coaching starting up this month, perhaps you’re asking, “How can I benefit from taking the Next Level Worship Coaching Program”? Well, I am excited to share that with you!

This past year we’ve had students from seven different countries, all coming together online and interacting and just getting to know each other and having an amazing time together. I look forward to that kind of experience again this year.

We start Tuesday, January the 23rd at 8:00pm Eastern (New York time) with our Influence Phase. You have the opportunity to go through three phases of coaching with us. I want to just take a moment and explain those. Go HERE to sign up and get started today!

The Influence Phase, which is January through March of this year, focuses on your personal influence. We start with ourselves and as I heard one preacher pray “Lord do something to me, so you can then do something through me.” And that’s the idea: Lord, how can I improve? What can I work on in my personal leadership and my personal servant hood and growth, in order to make an impact out there.

The next phase in this process is about not only working on yourself, but, beginning in May, we’ll focus on impact. So the first phase is Influence, beginning in January through March, and then May through July we will do the Impact Phase. With Impact Phase, that’s when we focus on your group. We help you impact your group, help you grow your group, and focus on how to train them.

The third phase is our Legacy Phase, and that’s where it spreads out even beyond your group, and we look at how you can recruit others within your church and mentor them and train them for growing your group even larger. And more importantly, for making an impact beyond just your group, but opening that up to reaching other generations and people that could even one day take your place and be there after you’re gone, to leave a legacy. So that’s it in a nut shell.

Now let me take some time now to break the phases down for you…

Influence Phase
First of all, let me just do some FAQ’s, some questions you may be asking. Do these need to be done in order? Well, they don’t have to be done in order, there’s no certain order to have to do them, but we encourage you to go ahead and jump in, in January and start with the Influence Phase because, again, it’s just like dropping a pebble in the water. It starts with us. Imagine we’re a pebble dropping into the middle of a church situation or wherever we are, and we begin the ripple effect. God uses us, and then the effect ripples out from there. And that’s the next phase is impacting our group and then beyond that and impacting others even in our Church or maybe outside our Church. So, you don’t have to do them in order, you can wait and jump in on the Impact Phase if you want, but we encourage you to go ahead and start in January with the Influence Phase.

What are the topics of the Influence Phase? Here’s some of them, I’m just gonna name them. There’s actually 10 different sessions we’ll have, we’ll meet weekly January through March. It begins January the 23rd and goes through the last Tuesday evening of March, and some of the topics we’ll be covering is understanding biblical worship, we’ll dig into that really deeply and take a couple of sessions to look at that. Effective personal leadership, what are the specific characteristics, qualities, that worship leaders need when it comes to leadership, and we’re gonna talk about time management. My goodness, in this new year and in every year, as leaders, we must be working on better time management. We’re gonna really dive into that and challenge each other to be better time managers. I’m gonna give you some tools on how to do that better.

Becoming a better presenter, just how you stand up and present yourself, whether it’s in front of your Church or in front of your team or inside your staff meetings. Planning corporate worship, just walking through the process of how do I, as the main leader, do a better job of planning out services, preparing for leading weekly rehearsals. Again, how can I, as the main leader, do a better job of being effective in our weekly rehearsals. Communicating with our Pastor, communicating with our worship team, we’re gonna talk about that.

Talking about the glory of God helping you think through where you fit in the philosophy of the glory of God and how that plays into how you plan services. Also, what is the philosophy of your Church and your Pastors? We’re gonna look at that closely as a part of this Influence Phase.

Impact Phase
The second phase, if you will, is the Impact Phase, again, you don’t have to do it in order, it could be for you the first phase. But, we believe it works best if you can go ahead and do the Influence Phase and then the Impact Phase. That begins in May. We’re gonna take off the month of April, give you a break. That’s the Easter month, so we’ll take a break from coaching and then we’ll start back in May and go through July. Again, meeting every week, sometimes every other week depending on schedules, but we will meet regularly.

Some of the things we’ll be talking about are growing your group spiritually, training your team musically, recruiting and resources out there that can help you train your team. Planning effective services, we’re gonna dig more into that, more deeply into that, and how you can involve your team in helping you with that. Working with a band, we’re gonna talk to you about how to work with a band and teaching your team stage presence and presentation from a biblical standpoint of how that can affect your team. Teaching your team proper stage presence and presentation.

I want to emphasis here that I’m not the only coach. There are others that’ll be helping to coach as well. We’ll bring in people to help teach us in these things, and we’re gonna learn together some powerful, powerful principles and simple, but yet effective, practical tools on how to be better worship leaders.

Legacy Phase
Now, the final phase beyond our own influence and then our impact with our group is what we call Legacy Phase. And that will begin in the fall, we’ll start in September and we’ll go through November.

The Legacy Phase includes an optional Fall Worship Leader Intensive, I’ve been doing these Intensives for several years. That’s where you come into our home in Alabama, and into our local church where we will pour into you and just soak together on ministry an strategy. It’s really strategizing for long term effective ministry within your church. It will cause you to think in ways maybe you’ve never thought before. It’s gonna dig deep into your heart and to your soul and cause you to do some soul-searching. The Fall Intensive alone makes it worth participating in our coaching program!

We’re also gonna have online sessions for the Legacy Phase and some of the things we’ll be talking about in that phase is how to recruit people outside your team and grow your team even larger, how to have a retreat that helps focus on growth within your Church and how to reach out and pull in other people as a part of your team. How to go outside your Church and evangelize and share your worship ministry outside the Church. We’re gonna teach you how to mentor and how to empower others and actually how to work yourself out of jobs so you can focus more on the things you’re really gifted to do. We’re gonna talk about all of that as a part of the Legacy Phase. Planning and details, just really some stuff about how to organize your ministry and leave a legacy that’ll last in your Church for years.

The amazing thing is these only cost $299 per phase. Only $299 and you’re gonna get not only incredible teaching, but also, we’re gonna assign you with an encourager, basically a coach that will come along beside you and helps set personal goals for you as growth. And they’re gonna kind of push you a little bit to help you to grow, push you out of your comfort zone. So you’re gonna get some one-on-one time during this coaching program. It’s powerful, powerful reasons to participate in our Worship Leader Coaching and I hope you’ll do that. Hope you’ll go on our website and sign up for all three phases. If you do, you can save $100!

You say, “Well, how do you make it so inexpensive?” That’s a great question. The reason we can make this, this kind of quality coaching so inexpensive, under $800 actually, if you sign up for all three phases. How do we that is, we are a non-profit organization and we are supported by very generous financial donors that help underwrite the cost of this kind of quality program. For example, you can receive credits to Liberty University where you can actually receive credit hours toward a degree there. We also partner with other universities, including a seminary in Johannesburg, South Africa.

That’s incredible, and that kind of quality normally would come at a much higher cost. However, we are able to underwrite that cost and help make this much less to you in expense because of our financial partners.

If you still really can’t even afford what we’re asking, we understand that maybe you can’t, then we do have some scholarships available to you, some limited scholarships. There’s only so many we can give out, but again, those are because of our financial donors that are so generous. So you can apply for a scholarship on our website as well.

Worship Leader Coaching

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Sure hope you will join our awesome coaching community in 2018!


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