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Worship Leader Coaching

Take your leadership to the next level! Join our next semester of coaching with Dwayne!


Dwayne Moore’s Coaching Community will give you customized help as Dwayne and his team teach and advise you over a full year. You and your team will experience lasting change and growth—guaranteed! Worship Leader Magazine named Dwayne’s coaching is a “Best of the Best”! Next semester begins soon! Sign up today

What Coaching Students Have Said…

  • “We covered so much ground in the area of worship, church & biblical insight.”

  • “I gleaned a wealth of information through Dwayne’s teaching.”

  • “Well worth the time & cost!”

From a Worship Pastor: “Meeting Dwayne has had a profound effect on my life. My confidence – not only as a worship leader but as a leader in general – has begun to soar since spending that day with Dwayne and taking his course. There’s something different going on in my life, and I believe it’s because of the seeds the Holy Spirit planted through Dwayne. Taking Dwayne’s course has given me the courage to do (a major church-wide initiative). Prior to meeting Dwayne, I would have wonderful ideas to help our church rolling around in my head, but I would not be bold enough to tell anyone. Dwayne’s encouragement has pushed me over the edge. And now it’s like an avalanche!” Bob Castelline, Norwalk, Iowa

From a Pastor: “Why in the world would it benefit a pastor of a church to take part in a year-long study geared toward musicians as worship leaders? I intentionally chose to take part in this particular coaching network in order to learn the minds and hearts of my musicians and worship leaders. Yes, I already knew the theology and ideology of the parts of worship and how to lead a congregation into the activity of worship. Yet, often times there seems to be a separation of understanding between the musicians and the pastors. We are not always on the same page as lead worshippers. If we are to assist people in approaching the throne of God, we need to be on the same page and have a mutuality of purpose. This coaching community allowed me to see the heart and soul of church musicians. The shared experience of thought makes our team that much stronger as we endeavor in the Kingdom of God. I would recommend this coaching-network to all pastors who want to grow in their own knowledge of themselves and their teams.” Rev. Chris Dodson, Pastor,  Monticello Christian Church Monticello, Indiana

From a Worship Leader: “Dwayne Moore’s years of experience are evident in every single discussion and online session. I have participated in his 10-week Online Worship Leadership Course and his year long coaching network. Both options are very informative and well worth your investment. If you’ve ever felt called to lead worship but didn’t know how to get properly trained, Next Level Worship may be what you’re looking for. It was for me. For the new or seasoned leader looking for continued support and long term personal evaluation of their ministry I would strongly suggest the year long coaching network.” Mark Hamel, Worship Arts Pastor, CenterPoint Church 

  • Get personal, customized mentoring for your specific areas of ministry needs
  • Enjoy monthly 2-hour coaching webinars with Dwayne Moore and some great guest teachers and worship leaders
  • Glean from Dwayne’s 35+ years of rich experience and knowledge in both small and mega-sized churches
  • Network with some of America’s sharpest worship leaders, like yourself
  • Grow your worship team spiritually and musically into powerful ministers and leaders!
  • Have accountability and strong help from Dwayne to “push” you toward a new level of leadership and effectiveness
  • Learn how to attract and “deepen your bench” of quality musicians and worship leaders
  • Get hands-on help to improve your own personal leadership
  • Go through an extensive evaluation and goal-setting process regarding your present ministry
  • Help to increase the size and quality of your worship teams
  • Get fresh and creative ideas for your worship services and ministry from Dwayne and the others in the network
  • Learn how to develop your sound and production crew to be reliable and capable ministers
  • Next semester of COACHING begins soon! Sign up now!



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  • The community will meet as a group with Dwayne in a 2-hour online class once a month for teaching and group discussion. (For the monthly schedule, click on the Schedule tab.)
  • Also, Dwayne will invest some time with each person via email or phone as needed.
  • Each month we’ll discuss a different important area of ministry and leadership and then use the entire month to focus on improving in that particular area.
  • As an added bonus, we plan to have special guest artists, authors, and experienced worship leaders join us on occasion during some of our monthly online group classes.
  • You will be expected to read at least one assigned book every month and turn in a book summary.
  • You will be expected to memorize a large amount of scripture (on average about one Bible chapter per month).
  • The general format of each online class will be 1. review of assignments, 2. teaching by Dwayne (or a guest), 3. discussion time, 4. prayer and praise to close.


The purpose and goal of the year-long network will be two-fold:
  • First, we will work to develop your personal growth and leadership skills. Dwayne will work with each person to help you develop a year-long personal growth plan.
  • Second, Dwayne will work with you to develop your worship team into true ministers through music (or the arts). Each team is different, so we will set goals based on what your team needs. Dwayne will do his best to walk with you and advise you every step of the way. Only God knows what kind of spiritual and musical growth can happen among your group in the course of a year! (For clarification, this course does not include Dwayne working directly with your team, only with you as the main leader.)

What’s the advantage of coaching over going to a conference?

Conferences often provide great content and inspiration. However, they fall short in personal application and accountability. Those who attend are left to figure out on their own how and what to apply. The result is that they often forget most of what they heard, and they have no one to remind them and push them. Dwayne will not only give you invaluable teaching, he will walk you through evaluating your own ministry and help you find ways to apply what you learn. Furthermore, the network of other sharp leaders will help hold you accountable to put into practice what you’re taught (and lovingly kick you in your backside if you don’t).

Who can participate?

  • You must complete an application and be accepted in order to participate in the year-long Coaching. SPACE IS LIMITED to a small select group.
  • You must fall into one of two categories: You must either be the main worship leader at a church (or pastor) NOW, or you must feel called of God to prepare yourself to be a main worship leader at a church (or pastor) in the not-so-distant future.
  • Also, if possible, you need to have the approval and support of your pastor to participate.
  • Another requirement is that you are willing to pass on to others what you learn from the Coaching.


Online Meetings Schedule

Monthly online meetings will be once a month, usually on the second Monday, from 8-10PM Eastern (New York) time.

NOTE: You can join our coaching community at the beginning of either semester (Winter/Spring or Summer/Fall). You must complete both semesters in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. You will be expected to attend as many of the live sessions as you possibly can. Your input and accountability are vital to our network. However, if you need to miss a few, you can watch the online recording of the session at your convenience.

What Others Have Said about Dwayne:

“If you feel like God has left the building, your life, or both, hold that thought. Because Dwayne Moore is going to teach you how God wants to saturate every nook and cranny, every nano-second of your existence.”

Sally Morgenthaler, author of Worship Evangelism

“Dwayne Moore has a desire to see the body of Christ truly understand what it means to honor God with our worship and let our lifesongs sing to God in spirit and in truth.”

Mark Hall, lead singer for Casting Crowns

“Dwayne Moore is one of the top worship leaders on the planet.”

Dr. Jay Strack, founder of Student Leadership University in Orlando, FL

“If you’re looking for a way to grow in your knowledge of what it means to be a worship leader, to be challenged to take your ministry to the next level, and to connect with other worship leaders who are on the same journey as you, I would highly recommend Dwayne’s coaching opportunities.”  – Barry Westman, All About Worship.com

“Taking Dwayne’s worship leaders course was far more than practical study for me. I have never experienced more spiritual nurturing and growth in such a short time. I was blessed with prayerfully planned topics in every session, praying together with God’s children and a teacher yielding to the Holy Spirit and humble enough to accept different ideas from fellow worshipers. I came to this course with my mind and heart open and to hear God speak to me, but He did far more… HE SANG!!! The greatest result for me is having a much more intimate relationship with the Lord. I know that no matter where my walk with the Lord leads me, this experience has glorified Him and will ever make a difference in my life and the lives I influence. I encourage anyone interested or already involved in music ministry to take this course as an offering to our Heavenly Father… you will reap spiritual gifts and connections with His children that you’ve never imagined.” – Kris LeDonne, worship leader

“Dwayne’s class was awesome! I usually go the National Worship Leader Conference, but couldn’t this year…His class was a great substitute!” – Rachael Jones, worship leader

“Dwayne has enthusiasm and a desire to train others—and he has lots of knowledge!” – Robert Grafton, worship leader

“I started this class on the verge of burn-out, frustrated and tired. But Dwayne has given me the tools to start again. I’m refreshed and equipped to do the work the Lord has called me to do.” – Karelin James, worship leader

“I have grown so much…I would like our team members to take this course as well.” – Eleanor Sheilds, worship leader


Dwayne Moore’s Worship Leader COACHING is only $99 per month. PLUS: That price includes BONUS resources.

And GET THIS: If you are doing our monthly coaching, then you can come to our INTENSIVE for 40% OFF!

Please look at the Pricing Tables below to see what you will get with each training option.

Register online or call our office at 502.384.0480 to register!

Scholarships available!

Are you a bi-vocational minister? Or do you live in a third-world country and have very limited funds? At Next Level Worship, we are dedicated to making our resources affordable to everyone. So, if you need assistance with the tuition costs for our training courses, please contact us and request how to apply for one of our scholarships.


Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied that Dwayne Moore’s Year-long COACHING is meeting your expectations, then we will refund your first three months of actual payments (minus shipping & handling for our materials). You will not be obligated to pay any more.


“Why does Dwayne charge to mentor? Is that biblical?”

Dwayne does not apologize for charging a fee for his intense coaching opportunities. He has poured himself into many individuals over the years—beginning with a group of 6 friends he mentored while in college. In fact most of those he’s discipled have gone on to faithfully serve God in many parts of the world. (One is even the Professor of Discipleship at New Orleans Seminary, teaching many of the principles he learned from Dwayne!) Dwayne’s motivation for mentoring is clearly not financial gain. Dwayne charges a fee for two reasons:

1. The greater the investment the greater the commitment and return. Jesus required his disciples to leave their jobs, their families, everything to follow and be taught by him. For a year and a half they did nothing but walk with him while he was on earth. Those men went on to change the world. The cost of discipleship has always been high.

2. “A workman is worthy of his hire.” Dwayne’s time—like yours—is valuable. He has a ministry and a family that demand a great deal of his time and resources. The fees he charges for coaching help support Next Level Worship, which in turn helps provide for his family and those on the NLW team.

Dwayne Moore loves mentoring worship leaders and teams in worship! He has led and taught worship in over 1000 churches and conferences across America and in other parts of the world. He brings 35 years of experience working with churches, praise teams and worship leaders to this Worship Leader Coaching.He has been on several local church staffs as a worship leader and teaching pastor, including serving as lead worship pastor at the 5000-member Valley View Church in Louisville, KY.

His award-winning book, Pure Praise: A Heart-focused Bible Study on Worship, has been endorsed by some of the world’s most noted worship authors and artists.

Dwayne has contributed numerous articles to Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox, as well as articles featured in Rev! Magazine, Relevant Magazine’s Neue Quarterly, Lifeway’s YOU Sunday School curriculum, and others. He has led webinars for Worship Leader Magazine and spoken at the National Worship Leader’s Conference. He recently led a Pure Praise Workshop at Eagles Landing First Baptist—which is the home church of the group Casting Crowns.

Dwayne is a partner faculty member at Liberty University’s Center for Worship. In fact, Liberty requires Pure Praise in two of their worship degree courses.

You must apply and be accepted in order to be a part of this Coaching network.

SPACE IS LIMITED, so unfortunately we can’t accept every application we receive. You will need to apply online.

If you are accepted, your credit card will be charged for the first two months of installments—as a down payment. Your card will NOT be charged unless and until you are accepted and also notified by email.