How to RECEIVE Praise from God

The following is excepted from my new book, Heaven's Praise: Hearing God Say "Well Done": Rewards await God’s children. And God desires to praise us for our work on earth… How did you feel as you read those statements? Uncomfortable? Did you cringe just a bit? Or did you just gloss over it, thinking, “Why

Worship Leader Magazine Reviews Heaven’s Praise!

Worship Leader Media has given Dwayne's new book 4.5 stars in their review! Heaven's Praise: Hearing God Say "Well Done" is Dwayne's newest Bible study. We're thankful to Jeremy, Suzie and the gang at Worship Leader Media for this great review. Read the review.

Why God Is First of All a Father

The following excerpt is taken from Dwayne’s upcoming book, Heaven’s Praise: Hearing Him Say Well Done. You’ve no doubt heard the old saying, “You are what you eat.” That may be true of our bodies, but when it comes to our minds, emotions, and spirits, we are what we think. And the most profound thoughts any human

The Proud Face of a Father

My friend, Jeff Ling, sent me a direct message earlier tonight asking me to read and watch his latest blog entry. Jeff paints an amazing and insightful word-picture about the joy and pride our heavenly Father must have when he looks at us, his children. This is exactly what I am writing about in my new

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