An Effective Corporate Worship Approach

A good friend, Michael Moore, sent me a graphic he designed that is based on a simple approach his church leaders use as they plan their worship services. Michael is a former college roommate of mine and pastor at First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Virginia. (For the record, no, we’re not kin – but I’d sure claim him if I could!)


This familiar analogy of a baseball diamond clearly and concisely illustrates a proven scriptural path worship leaders can follow to lead their congregations to experience God-honoring praise and worship. This approach is based on Psalm 95:1-7. It is effective both in more traditional services and in more modern worship gatherings.

According to Michael, “My constant advice to (my praise team) is to think of ways to move people around the bases during corporate worship.” (To download the graphic…)

Click on the .pdf link below to download the baseball diamond graphic:

Corporate Worship Approach.pdf

Michael Moore can be contacted via email: msm4 at shentel dot net

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    From an email we received:

    I love this approach and believe that this is honoring and certainly a way to bring the body before the Lord’s throne.

    When I rated this, I did not pay attention to what I
    was doing and rated it as average. Please change to 5 as I know in my heart that this approach is clearly a way to bring the body in worship to the Lord. – Olda

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