Our Top 20 Blog Posts Since Launch!

We launched the Praise More Powerful blogsite in late August of 2006. In just over 5 months, we have had 33,000 hits to our posts and pages to date! We are now averaging upwards of 3000+ hits per week! To God be all that glory! (And a huge thanks to you, our readers!)

Of the 76 posts on Praise More Powerful thus far, below are the 20 most popular blog posts according to the hits they’ve received. Most of these continue to attract a lot of attention out on the world wide web, so these numbers climb daily. NOTE: The number of hits are approximate for each and might actually be quite a bit higher because hits on the RSS feed are harder to track. Also, some articles’ hits were basically tied, so we ranked those based on our best educated guess of which one was more popular.

1. Casting Crowns Cast Their Crowns (450 hits)
2. Repetition in Praise Is Not a Bad Thing (250)
3. A Christmas Wrapped In Praise (200)
4. 4 Levels of Effectiveness as Worship Leaders (125)
5. Audio Sessions Now Online! (120)
6. Fallen Troops (110)
7. New Year’s Resolution: Quit Your Job (110)
8. Video Interview with Charlie Hall about Worship (100 – and quickly rising!)
9. New Year’s Resolution: Be Godly, Not Religious (100)
10. Striving to Be a Minister Through Music (100)
11. 3 Requirements for Perfect Praise (95)
12. First Service at New Church Start a Huge Success (95)
13. Planning a Worship Service Using the 5 Necessary Elements (95)
14. Rick Muchow’s Tips for Leading Worship (90)
15. Reward for Faithfulness 20 Years in Coming (85)
16. Welcome Pastors.com Readers! (85)
17. How Structured Should a Worship Service Be? (80)
18. Worship Study Revitalizes Entire Choir (75)
19. God Can Work in Tightly Scheduled Worship Services Too! (75)
20. True Worship Changes Us (70)

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