What Is “Next Level” Worship?

Welcome to Next Level Worship brought to you by Next Level Worship international changing lives through worship. Now here is a host, the founder and president of Next Level Worship, Dwayne Moore.

I’ll give you three characteristics of a Next Level worshiper. They’re simple. The first characteristic is… Someone who is Next Level worshiper will have a passion to give worship. You may be familiar with Psalm chapter 29, verse 1 and 2. Psalm 29 says, well in the King James, how I learned it, give to the Lord, oh, you hosts. Give to the Lord glory and strength. Give to the Lord, the glory due his name. Worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness. Now growing up, I’d read that passage and I assume… That can get you in trouble. And I assumed he just got tired of talking about giving. Give, give, give. Worship. So let’s change topics. Worship. That we do these, we give, we give, we give to the Lord, but now we also should worship. No, that is not correct. Actually in context, it’s the same idea. We give a scribe to the Lord glory that’s due his name worthy. You know he’s worthy. You know that right? He’s so worthy.

And we should give him the honor from our lives. Have you ever had someone ask you this question? Maybe you come out of the service on a Sunday morning and somebody who looks at you and says, did you get anything out of that worship today? They had that little… Perse their lips and just kind of shake their head. Do you know what they’re doing? They’re fishing right? They want you to say something negative. Did you get anything out of that music? Yeah.

That’s the wrong question. Shouldn’t be asking what did we get out of it. We ought to be asking ourselves, what’d we put into it? Because worships about giving. Now we do get to, don’t we? We don’t walk in with that mentality. No, no. Oh no. Our God’s worthy. He’s just as worthy this week as when I was in a good mood to do it last week. It has nothing to do with my mood. It has everything to do with his glory.

And driving in yesterday, I came by the ballparks in Hartselle. They were packed. It’s like you would think they hadn’t played ball in a year. You know. They were packed. Everybody was excited to be there apparently. And there was no parking spaces available. It was all packed. And you could hear them cheering. They had their masks on, because that was appropriate. But they were still cheering. It didn’t stop them.

When we were at Liberty this past week, kicking off that chapter. I wish you’d been there. It was awesome. So here’s these people just singing to the top of their lungs with masks on. So when I first walked in, I thought we got to wear a mask, oh boy. This is going to be… No, no, no, it didn’t stop him. They still sang really loud. That’s kind of gross by the way. Let’s be honest. Kind of stinky. So, my adult self was going like, I don’t think I’ll sing, I’ll just sit back. You get drawn into the moment and before I know it, I’m singing too. Because our God is still worthy, masks or not.

Where did the passion go? We leaked, didn’t we. Let’s be honest. Had it one time, leaked it out, got to get it back. It reminds me of John chapter 9. John chapter 9, with the man born blind. Do you remember that story? So Jesus and the disciples are passing by, there’s this man there born blind. And the disciples asked Jesus about him. Rather than just talking about the man and walking on by Jesus actually walked over to the man, spit on the ground, made mud. Do you remember that? Covered his eyes and said to the man that was blind, said go wash in the pool of Siloam. And when he did, do you remember what happened? Anybody? What happened?

He was healed, wasn’t he? Now, I’ll just kind of summarize this next part of the story. You know what happened. The Pharisees didn’t like it, that Jesus was out there performing miracles. So they called a man in that had been born blind. Now he can see. And they asked him, questioned him about what had happened. Well, he didn’t give them the answers they wanted to hear. They were trying to trip up… Find something to catch on Jesus, I guess. And so they called his parents in. His parents said, look, we don’t know. I guess they were scared of him. So they didn’t give them any answers, the Pharisees, what they wanted to hear. So they called the man back in a second time. That’s where I’m going to pick it up from. From verse 24.

So for the second time they call the man, who had been born blind, and said to him, give glory to God. We know this man is a sinner. He answered whether he is a sinner, I do not know. One thing I do know, though I was blind, now I see.


They said to him, what did he do to you? How did he open your eyes? And he went on to tell him, he said, well, I already told you this, you wouldn’t listen. Why do you want to hear it again? Do you want his disciple, too? And they reviled him. Well, they didn’t want to hear that. Of course not. They said, no, you’re his disciple. We are disciples of Moses. And, so they didn’t like his answers at all. In fact, if you skip on down to verse 34, it says they answered him, you were born in utter sin and you would teach us?

They cast him out just like Jesus. On verse 35, Jesus heard what had happened, that they’d cast him out. And he looked for him. Amen. In our lowest moments, Jesus is looking. I love that. He found him. And he said, do you believe in the son of man? And now he’s having a conversation with the man born blind. Are you with me now? Imagine yourself in this situation. Imagine you are the person that had been born blind. You’re looking at this person talking to you. You don’t know who he is. You’ve never seen him. Do you know why? Remember this? Jesus, when he touched his eyes with the mud, the man was still blind. He said, go to the pool and wash off. Jesus went his way. The man went this way and the man never saw Jesus’ face yet. So he’s looking at this man that he doesn’t know. And he says, who is he sir, verse 36, that I may believe in him? And verse 37, Jesus said, you have seen him. And it is he who is speaking to you right now.

Okay. All right. Now, if you’re flowing with me, if you’re imagining yourself in that moment. How would you respond to that? Don’t look on, don’t look at what he did. I want to ask you what you would do. Now, imagine the moment. Up to this point in your life, you had never seen a sunset. You’d never seen someone’s face, the color of flower or tree. You never seen anything. Now you’re you could see everything. And the very one who changed your whole world is staring you in the face, right there. What would you do? Would you say, Oh, thank you. I appreciate that. (silence) That’d be weird. That’d be strange. You see, people say praise is strange. No, no, no. The lack of praise is strange.

Instead it says in verse, I think it’s 35. Is that what it is? No. It says in verse 38. He said, Lord, I believe and he worshiped him. Do you know what that word worship means in the Greek? I can’t pronounce the Greek word, but I looked up what it means. It means he crouched down, prostrate in homage. The seasons change our life. We can’t be stoic about that. Now your personality, mine are two different things. Aren’t you thankful? Hallelujah. So it’s not about you trying to act like me or me trying to act like. It’s both of us trying to act like Jesus and both of us responding to the Jesus that changed my life. Where has the passion gone?

But at some point you need to add some knowledge to that passion. I mean, this man didn’t even know that he was a sinner. The man didn’t know much about Jesus. When they said is he a sinner? I don’t know. I felt like that sounded like me when I was first saved. Do you guys remember when you were first saved? Do you remember that? Do you remember people asked you questions like, do you think I know this? I don’t know these things. I just know this. I know I am saved. I was blind, now I see. I was lost, now I’m found I had no hope. Now have hope. I had no joy. Now I have joy. I know these things. I had death. Now I’ve got life.

But the reality is at some point you need to add some knowledge to it. You need to learn that he was not a sinner. That’s a good thing to learn. There’s some other things you need to learn about Jesus. You need to learn about who he is. You need to learn about how to worship him. That brings up our next topic. Our next point, our next characteristic.

When my first book came out, Pure Praise. It’s a Bible study. It’s a nine week, quite intense Bible study. When it first came out, I was online and I happened to see that this girl in the Philippines was reading it with our youth group. Well that’s cool. So it got my attention. I was reading along, trying to see what she said. She said I’ve been reading this Bible. She said it’s really helping me understand worship. She said, but I always thought worship was just singing. Just raising your hands and singing. That’s what I thought worship was. And she said, but… And I’d heard the word lifestyle worship. I knew that word, that term, lifestyle worship. So I put those two ideas together, a lifestyle of singing. So I literally thought, not kidding. I read it for myself. I was supposed to walk around just singing to people like this. Just singing all the time. Don’t do that. That would be strange.

That’s not what we mean here. First Corinthians chapter 10, verse 31 helps us understand the bigger idea of worship. The second thing we need to learn about worship, a characteristic of a Next Level worshiper, is that not only should we have a passion to give worship, we ought to have a surrender to live worship. To live it. I mean, don’t you want to take it out of here? Like, wow, that was awesome. How can we take it out there? Don’t go sing to your friends, but you can, you can live a life that honors God in front of them.

First Corinthians 10:31 says whether we eat or drink or whatever we do to all to the glory of God. Do it all to the glory of God. Romans 12:1 is a wonderful passage that kind of sums up this idea. If I appeal to you, therefore Paul said, by the mercies of God to present your bodies as a living… What? Say it please.


Sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. Which is your spiritual… What?


Worship. Love that. You see, he said the word worship there, I think, because in the old Testament sacrificing was their worship. Yeah? I mean, when they sacrificed the blood of a bull or a goat on the alter for the blood, that was their form of worship. Well, now we don’t need to do that anymore. Jesus did that for us. Amen. A final sacrifice, he’s the perfect lamb of God. Don’t need to sacrifice any more bulls and goats. But what we do need to do is put ourselves on the altar as a sacrifice to God.


That’s all we need to do. Every day you get up and you say, Lord, I died on myself today. You’re God. And I’m not. This day is not about me. It’s about you. And so we want to worship God, not only in this church service moment with our music, we want to worship God with all we do. And I brought this umbrella. Actually I found it in the back, back there. It may belong to one of you guys, but thank you in advance for letting me borrow it. It was opening earlier.

That’s why they left it.

That’s why they left it. It doesn’t work. Okay. Imagine this open. Okay. This is not working out well for me at all. Oh, this is dying on the vine. Okay. I did practice and it did work. All right. Nevermind. All right. So imagine you’ve got an umbrella, not that one. And so basically when you walk around with the umbrella that actually opened, like it’s supposed to, it’s open and wherever you go, you’re walking under the umbrella.

Imagine worship as an umbrella in that regard. That whatever I do, I pray and I get up in the morning and I challenge you. I dare you to kneel when you first get up. I mean, I know you’re sleepy, but just do it. Don’t go back to sleep. Kneel and pray and say, God, this is your day. And what you’re in essence doing is putting the umbrella over your head. When you get up, watch this, watch this, watch this right here. That was worship. Boom. Right there. That step, because I’m under the umbrella, worship. My attitudes, my thoughts, how I converse with people. It all reflects the love of Jesus. Honors him, umbrella, worship. Whatever you do in word or deed, do it all to the glory of God. Worship. When you get stupid and you do stupid things, they call that sin. Do you know what I mean? You take down the umbrella. You take it down. Hallelujah. First grace. Amen. You just say Lord, I’m sorry. I got out from under the umbrella of worship. Sorry. He forgives us.

Live a lifestyle of worship. Put some knowledge with that stuff. That passion you got, good. What’s going to sustain you is an understanding of his word. Understanding of that things aren’t perfect for anybody, but you’ve got a God that loves you anyway. And I’m not going to stop praising him no matter what.

But imagine you walk up to the curb. (silence) Once you walk up to the curb and it’s raining and you’ve got your umbrella and you’re waiting on the traffic before you cross over, and it’s pouring down rain and you got your umbrella. You’re good, you’re fine. And there’s somebody standing right there and they’re getting soaked. They don’t have an umbrella. They’re soaked. Now you’ve got a choice to make. You can keep the umbrella to yourself. You can say, I’ve got my umbrella. I’m good. Or you can do what maybe we ought to learn to do better. Would you like to get under my umbrella? Because you see the third characteristic of a Next Level worshiper, not only do we have a passion to give worship, not only surrender to live it day by day. But hey, are you ready? A burden to share worship.

This worship thing was never meant to keep to ourself. You know that, right? If it was just between me and God having our worship moment, we really would do a better job of that in heaven. Because we’ll see him face-to-face. We’ll worship him as we should because we see him as he is. He leaves us on earth to be a witness, a light to other people. I didn’t want to go here today, did you? I was really having fun. I liked that other part that was kind of cool. I liked that umbrella idea until I had to share it. (silence) Giving a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name is a way to share worship. Do you know that? Sharing your faith with another person, that’s worship. I mean in, what is it? Romans 15, 16. Paul talks about ministering to the Gentiles. And he basically said when I minister to the Gentiles, it’s a sacrifice to God. There’s that word again. It’s worship.

In Isaiah chapter 6, remember this? Remember how Isaiah saw the Lord high and lifted up, the train of his robe filled the temple. The seraphim were saying, Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord, God almighty. The whole earth is full of his glory. I mean, he saw this awesome worship experience. And then he realized his own unholiness. Do you remember that? And he said, woe is me. I’m undone. See, that’s when God turns on his light. It shines on our darkness and his holiness reveals our unholiness. And he was convicted. Have you even been in a service like this? Or maybe in a moment with the Lord and you just get convicted about things? That’s how it works.

All right. So he says, woe is me. And this angel comes and touches his lips with that coal and symbolically for his sins are forgiven. And then in verse 8, I heard a voice, the voice of the Lord saying whom shall I sin? Who will go for us? So in essence, when that cold touched Isaiah’s lips, he basically put the umbrella up over his head of worship. Lord I’m in, I’m forgiven. I’m worshiping you. I’m in. But then when he heard the voice of the Lord calling, not you got to go, instead, who will go? Isaiah didn’t wait around and say, I’m going to keep my umbrella to myself. Did he? He said, hey, say it with me please out loud. Then I said, say the words, please. Here am I.

Send me.

To close, I want to share a story about a man named Saeed. I can’t give his last name, his surname. We’re going to show a picture of him, but his face is blurred out. Saeed is from Somalia. He lives in Somalia. Oh, this is actually in Ethiopia where this picture was taken. You see the people around they’re singing and standing up looking… That was actually during a service during one of our intensive schools. People from different nations come in, we feed them, we house them. We train them and teach them for a whole week. And so Saeed came to be a part of this intensive school. He traveled hundreds of miles to get there. And I really wanted to get my picture with Saeed even though he asked us not to ever share it publicly. Because you know, Somalia is a very dangerous place to be a Christian. Right? You know that. So he took a chance to come over to the Ethiopia, to the intensive schools. It was a risk.

The first night, we couldn’t wait to hear from Saeed. We wanted to hear from him, hear his story. So he got up and began to talk to us in his language. Somebody interpreted. And I’ll never forgot it, what he said. In fact, the worship pastor from [inaudible 00:20:51] Baptist was one of the guys that was there. And he and I were looking and just said, can you believe this is happening? This guy was like, wow. This guy from Somalia. And he said, I love the Lord. That was the first thing he said. It was awesome. I love the Lord. So glad to be here. And he said… I’ll never forget it. He said, I go to church every Sunday. I love the Lord. I go to church every Sunday. I’m very faithful to my church. He said, I’m there every Sunday morning, same time. And then he said, but I’m the only one in my church. There’s nobody else that goes much church. There’s nobody else in my village that’s a Christian. He said, I’ve come here to learn how to love God more and I want to get with fellow Christians and be encouraged. He said, but I want to take what I’m learning and I want to take it back. That’s what he said, to my people and somehow I want to teach them more about God. Do you know how risky that is?

Pray for Saeed. I’ll never forget this moment. And then I guess he practiced, because he got some broken English out and then his face was lit up with this huge smile. And I’m reliving the moment right now. But he took his arm like this and he swept it across the group. And he said, my brothers and my sisters, we take so much for granted. Don’t we? I think we take for granted our neighbors that don’t know Jesus. I think I’m talking to myself now. Going to meddling myself right now. But I want you, as we close, to think about the people around you. And you don’t have to go to Ethiopia and meet Saeed. There are people all around you and me that need Jesus. And if Saeed’s willing to go back and share with them, I think we could too.

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