What MUST CHANGE in Your Ministry in 2016?



Below is a tool to help you determine vital areas that need your attention during 2016 to move your team and your God-given vision forward. This worksheet is part of our long-range strategic planning process during our Worship Leader Intensive. You can download the worksheet here.


Let’s face it: Being a worship leader isn’t that difficult…

It’s being a worship pastor that can be so hard. Most anyone with some talent can stand and lead a few songs. But to lead people, to help them understand and experience true, transformative worship week in and week out…well, that’s quite another thing.

With 2016 just around the corner, NOW is the time to think about goals you MUST accomplish this coming year in order to influence your praise team to be better worshipers and leaders.

The following tool is something I’ve developed and used with my worship team. I promise you, this FREE tool can help you be a more effective PASTOR to your team in 2016.

Interested? Read on!

Vital Areas for Results

Efficiency is doings things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. Focusing on the right areas, we invest time, energy, talent, and other resources in order to achieve the maximum results.

Key Results Areas, or KRAs as they’re called, are areas within your ministry that are absolutely essential for effective ministry. These are areas which need to be strengthened if your ministry is to grow and make a bigger impact.[pullquote]KRAs help a ministry maintain its focus on reaching essential results which most impact the purposes of the ministry.[/pullquote]

Areas to consider might be more training for your tech team and band, or upgrading your sound system or video production, or perhaps improving how you communicate with your team and other staff. It can really be any number of things.

HINT: If something is keeping you awake at night because you know it’s hindering your ministry and MUST CHANGE, then that is probably a “key area” where you must see results. Other key areas aren’t as obvious and may even be undetected thus far. That’s why you need to ask God for wisdom and discernment about needed areas you aren’t aware of yet.

Success in these areas are VITAL for a ministry to carry out its mission successfully. KRAs help a ministry maintain its focus on reaching essential results which most impact the purposes of the ministry.

Please don’t take this exercise lightly. Make time NOW to determine your Key Results

Guidelines for Determining Your Key Areas for Results:

  1. Identify those three to eight major areas where your ministry must achieve meaningful results during the coming year.
  2. Identify both financial and leadership elements which are vital in the success of the total picture.
  3. Choose areas which directly or indirectly support your church’s strategic and operational plans.
  4. Don’t expect your KRAs to cover everything you do; instead, identify the few vital areas where priority efforts should be directed.
  5. Each KRA should be limited generally to two or three words and should be stated measurably.

Based on the 5 guidelines above, take time to write out your list. Call it, “Vital Key Areas Where We Must See Results in 2016.” Be very prayerful as you think through what to put on this important list.

You’re Not Done Yet!!

Once you’ve finished writing down some key areas, be sure to talk with your pastor and other key leaders before you “finalize” your list. Now, commit these areas to God and determine to develop a plan for how you will move your team forward in each of these key areas.

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