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We at Next Level Worship are proud to be a sponsor of this year’s National Worship Leader Conference in Austin, Texas. Dwayne will be a speaker at this “superbowl” of worship conferences. We know the team at Worship Leader is diligently getting things ready for this year’s guests. It looks like there will be a full house this year, so don’t wait too long to register. (For more information, click here.)

There have been many new additions to this year’s conference… Two Pre-Conference Seminars have been added, one for the Worship Professional and one for the Worship Choir Leader. Each seminar will have a great time of worship, an excellent speaker, and panel of experts that will discuss today’s issues. Breakfast and lunch is included, plus you be given the option of being the first to visit the Tabernacle Experience.

We all know that travel costs can really add up, so make sure you check out the bottom of the travel page on the National Worship Leader Conference website (, Dobie Center, which is a private dormitory at the University of Texas, is offering very affordable housing prices.

You might also want to consider doing some riding sharing/car pooling, the new Forum in The Song DISCovery Community is a great place to connect with others coming to conference to see about lining that up. If you haven’t joined yet, it’s free!

The workshop schedule has recently been updated and is now on the website, all classes this year will be done two or three times to insure that as many people as possible can attend the workshops of their choice. PLUS, two more tracks have been added and classes will be added to the schedule soon. One for bloggers and the web and the other is a product track that will be done by exhibitors and sponsors.

Again, space is limited, so don’t wait long to register. We look forward to the opportunity to connect with you, so make sure you visit us in the Exhibitor area.


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