Pure Praise Reviews at The Worship Community

The Worship Community recently finished going through Dwayne’s devotional study, Pure Praise: A Heart-focused Bible Study on Worship. Those who completed the study took time to write their thoughts and experiences regarding the study. Below are a few quick excerpts.

I have spent several years reading all the books about biblical worship that I could get my hands on. I have learned and profited more in the 9 weeks of Pure Praise than in all of the other books I have read. However much you already know about biblical worship will be enlarged and strengthened by the time invested in Pure Praise. –Tom Cline

I have never experienced a Bible study that has affected me like Dwayne Moore’s Pure Praise. I believe part of the reason God directed me to The Worship Community was so that I could participate in this extraordinary event. I have learned so much–and at such a timely point in my life. –Kim Castro

This study is perfect for people of all stages in their role as a worship leader, whether it’s for a vocalist, band member, worship tech, the worship leader or pastor… I have been involved with worship ministry for over 18 years, and I learned so much in this study, it was incredible! God used this study to point some things out to me that I have read so many times, but have either overlooked, or looked at in a completely new way! –Barry Westman

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