Praise Should Be Life’s Greatest Pursuit

The following is a continuation of the introduction from a new book I am working on. Go here to read the first part of this introduction. Thanks for your feedback! ~ Dwayne

As we dig into God’s Word together in the chapters that follow, we will discover that the greatest and most significant pursuit in our lives – and that for which we have been left on this earth – is praise, both to our God and from our God. In the process of becoming more like Christ, we are to bring honor and glory to Him through our lives and through our actions. We are to show forth His praises to all those around us. As we live out this mission, this ultimate calling from day to day, we will discover more joy and more fulfillment – indeed, we will find more purpose and reason for living – than in any other earthly pursuit or endeavor we have ever fixed our attention on.

Think again about the answers you gave to the questions in our previous post: 4 Questions that Determine Success at Life. Now consider the following statements:

• To what extent I am able to praise and honor God will depend on how I answer this question: What should I want to attain in life?
• Whether I have the right to praise Him will depend on how I answer this question: Where should I aim in life?
• Whether I consistently choose to praise Him will depend on how I answer this question: How should I act in life?
• Whether I ultimately have peace and purpose in life will depend on how I answer this question: What should be my attitude toward this life?

If you have placed your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, you have entered into an exciting journey of growth and discovery with our Lord. You now have the awesome opportunity to pursue passionate and perfect praise for the One who gave you life that is abundant and eternal.

The simple but profound statements we just read form a pathway for each of us to follow in our lives. This pathway will show us the steps to pursue that most worth-while gift of adoration and praise we are so privileged to offer our holy Lord before this needy world. This is the strategy that will lead us to win at life, and it will guarantee us that the few days we have here on earth are successfully invested for the eternity of days to come.

  • Excerpt from upcoming book by Dwayne Moore (c) 2007 Dwayne Moore

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