NLWI Mentoring Program Making a “Lifelong Difference”

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Each year NLWI connects worship leaders in the US with worship leaders in African countries for 6 months of mentoring. Here is one person’s story of the impact it made in her life…

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Every Tuesday comes with great delight and anticipation because I am always looking forward to my weekly chat with Suzanne Provagna who has been my mentor as a result of Next Level Worship.

I am so honored and thankful to Dwayne Moore founder and President of NLW, Pastor Donald Kutala, Africa Director, and the entire NLW for the great mentorship program as well as the sacrifice and dedication that the NLW team has in ensuring one is mentored in a journey of true worship.

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I have been blessed to have Suzanne hold my hand and walk this journey with me. The mentorship program has taught me so much and has also made me discover the gift of writing which God has deposited in me.

Every time I expressed myself through our conversations concerning a profound topic that I had just read through Dwayne’s amazing chapters plus the other Materials we have been studying, Suzanne would be like, “Put that in writing.”

At first I would reluctantly respond and say “Really??” Meanwhile, in my mind I was telling myself it’s not worth it because no one would really pay attention or want to read what I write.

Week by week her encouraging voice would always ring in my head “put that in writing.” Slowly but sure I began to put some words in writing. As a result I have discovered, been made aware, as well as become confident in my gift and passion of writing.

It’s amazing how expressing your confidence in someone’s gifting can make a lifelong difference. Thank you Suzanne for helping me discover the gift of writing.

In addition, being on the mentorship program has been an eye opener, deepened my relationship with God and has put me on a new path of worship. My life has been deeply impacted through studying and reading the various resource books assigned to the program.

Pure Praise by Dwayne Moore is among the books that has greatly impacted and transformed my worship. Reading the book made me realize I was behind in my praise and worship. Dwayne explains that praise in heaven is ongoing both in the present and never-ending and that there is a loud roar in the heavens at the exact moment I am praising God. This has stayed with me and the realization has shifted my entire perspective on worship.

Pure Praise has also taught me that I need to get myself out of the way so that I can praise God. Most of the time it’s about me but as Dwayne puts it so clearly, worship should be directional. Inward, outward and upward.

Thank you Dwayne and the Next Level Worship team for the amazing work you are doing. Just like my life has been forever impacted and transformed on this journey of worship, may God continue using you to transform souls through worship.

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  • Donald Kutala

    Wow!!! So touching and life changing to read this wonderful journal of mentorship! Yes it’s a life long journey!

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